Welcome to the two-day event that will transform the way you do meetings. See you again in 2018!


In marketing jungle, we will host renowned experts from marketing, design, architecture  and advertising. Through short presentations in TEDx format they will impress all participants.


Content bar is a place for the creative ideas and tips for marketing in the meetings industry. All presentations will be in Pecha Kucha format, followed by hot debate.


A kind of Hyde park Speakers corner. Candidates register themselves through FB and test their elevator pitch in front of an audience. The winner will be declared by the jury.


Place for speed dating, conducted through our proven Conventa One2One platform or just to relax


During two workshops, we will acquaint you in a playful way, with tools and best techniques, how to improve sales, strategies and use social networks.


Chefs of the jungle are here – creative break and lunch in cooperation with the Union Hotels. Meeting the right people is the slogan of this program.


0Urban jungle venue
0Experts in MICE in one place
0Regional and international storytellers
0Days lost in the marketing jungle



Nothing average about it.
100% Fresh, New, Bold

More than 30 regional and international speakers




Hoteliers, why Conventa Crossover is a must for you:

  • 50% of the conference dedicated to hotels and venues, the other 50% with valuable information on MICE and travel marketing
  • 2 workshops for practical knowledge on storytelling experience and 7 simple steps to WIN BIG in the conference market
  • Successful hoteliers from the Alpe-Adria region present the future of independent hotels VS  hotel chains
  • The change of luxury travel and how it influences your business
  • Presentations of Innovative tools and solutions for hotels and venues


Meeting planners, why Conventa Crossover is a must for you:

  • Networking with major meeting providers and congress destinations from Alpe-Adria region
  • Standing out by delivering the best customer experience
  • Content marketing that delivers more clients and guarantees success
  • Future of digital and social marketing in event management
  • Stories of success that inspire


Representatives of congress destinations, why Conventa Crossover is a must for you:

  • Networking with major meeting planners from Alpe-Adria region
  • Destination digital campaigns go head to head
  • Content marketing for achieving better recognition and placing the destination on the meeting planners’ map
  • Why customer experience is the ultimate marketing tool for a destination
  • Congress destinations reveal their recipe for success

“We were deeply impressed by the overall experience at Conventa Crossover Conference. Gorazd, Polona and their team managed to contrive a unique mix of hospitality and expertise. We were moved by their personal approach and dedication not just to engage the speakers and the audience in a very interesting debate, but to enjoy the beautiful city of Ljubljana, too. We will be looking forward for the next Conventa conference.”
Ivana Preiss & Filip Vasic, 52 Hours Design, Czech Republic


“Congratulations on the fantastic work! In a fresh, unique format, with some amazing speakers that delivered relevant content to everyone involved, the conference was a great success. You can be proud of yourselves. :)”
Ognena Ristovska, Momentum, Macedonia


“I’m lucky to visit dozens of conferences in different countries each year, and Crossover was one of the most innovative events I’ve attended in past three years! I admire the team’s courage to put things upside down and deliver an experience like no other. It was an absolute pleasure to both speak and work on integrating Slido into the programme with Jan-Jaap in der Maur as well as the entire team of Conventa Crossover.”
Juraj Holub, Slido, Slovakia


“Starting something new for the first time is always a challenge. Targeting a specific niche, testing new formats, building a new community, are tough tasks to handle. But the star team of Conventa Crossover proved that if you put your heart in it, and you believe in what you do, anything is possible. I am thrilled to have been a small part of one very successful Conventa Crossover, that I am sure will become a permanent fixture in the calendar of all who work in event marketing. Being in a situation where you can both – give and receive knowledge, is invaluable.”Magdalina Atanassova, Kenes Group, Bulgaria


“Pulling of something bold like this for the 1st time can only be done with a shared vision, the right team and partners.
A perfect example of great meeting design all the way: from the audience, speakers, workshops and stage design up to the magnificent food from the Tattooed chefs.
Like I say “Memorable events always tell a story”.
Conventa Crossover finished with a cliff hanger and I don’t believe I’m the only one leaving beautiful Ljubljana with that feeling.
It was an honour to be part of the journey!”Martijn Timmermans, The Red Line Project & Event StoryBoard canvas, The Netherlands


“I absolutely enjoyed being part of the Conventa Crossover. It is a very interesting format Gorazd and his team were putting together for the first time. Very well done! It will always be a pleasure to come back.” Jens Oliver Mayer, Jack Morton Worldwide, Germany


team member

Adam Fields

Presenter and stand-up comedian at Masters of Moderation
team member

Saša Vučkovič

Graphic designer & co-founder at Stožer boutique agency
team member

Mary Kirillova

Managing director at and founder at Baltic For Events Forum
team member

Anne Roelandt

Vice-President, Managing Director and Artistic Producer at Luc Petit Creation