Meet the speaker: Ana First

Ana First is the Director of Sales at Falkensteiner Punta Skala Resort in Croatia near Zadar. She is responsible for implementing sales strategies trough different market segmentation and opening of new markets for the region of North Dalmatia. In addition she participates in the positioning of Falkensteiner Hotel&SPA Iadera and Punta Skala as lifestyle property/destination.

At Cronventa Crossover Ana will be shearing international trends of top end leisure travel which changed dramatically by influence of technology and with globalisation so many of these trends are applicable on domestic surroundings.


Q:  How would you describe your job in under 50 words?

My job (the best one in the world) is to help in creating demand for people to enjoy travel experiences in destinations we operate and Falkensteiner hotel/s by achieving targeted revenue and other values.

Q:  What advice would you offer to all soon to be working in marketing in the meetings industry?

To be relentless and persistent in search of competitive advantage in ones work. That is indeed demanding and requires lot of self-motivation albeit is possible.

In addition I would advise all young professionals to attend as much as possible travel industry events and to do cross exposers in big worldwide business hubs where event industry flourishes, it is creative, diversified and inspirational.

Q:  How to develop talent and how to help people grow to the next level?

This requires broad and elaborate as well to certain extent scientific answer as developing talents and people growth is the special field of human resources.

However and in short, it is important that company nurtures and possess development culture as well as tools for motivations and rewards both of intrinsic and extrinsic values.

I am happy to be working for company that nurtures development of staff as one of the core values of its existence. That’s why we have Falkensteiner academy trough which we develop and grow our people.

People should be looked at as Human capitals not only as task completion work force.

Q: What are you most excited about at the moment?

Achieving work-life balance excites me the most. Being productive, efficient but not overworked or burned out.

Business wise I am excited to see that Zadar destination is developing in the direction of attracting more and more Millennials that bring interesting and new outlook on what they seek and request in destination.

I am excited to be part of that change

Q: Your advice/suggestion for turning a boring event into a memorable one?

I think with a bit of humour and improvisation you can do a lot.

I remember when I was still MICE coordinator that we managed to elevate events with some last minute creative solutions, good presentational skills and some self observant humour.

Clients in essence, do react well on it.


Q: What gets you out of bed in the morning?

It is hard to remain in bed sleeping when you have a dog. Every morning at 07.00am he is so happy to take me outside for a walk

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

I am trying not to think and plan in five years periods. However, I see or hope for myself three things: health, mindfulness and laugh


Q: What kind of knowledge will participants of Conventa Crossover gain from listening to your lecture?

I hope that participants will get inspired about trends in upscale leisure industry and provided the relevance of this information to their personal businesses, choose to apply some of them.

We will be discussing international trends of top end leisure travel which changed dramatically by influence of technology and with globalisation so many of these trends are applicable on domestic surroundings.

I would love to see participants take some of these trends home.

Q: What do you expect from Conventa Crossover?

I personally expect to learn a lot from key speakers and audience comments, to have fun and and to share positive vibe of Conventa movement.