Save the dates for the 2nd Conventa Crossover!

Imagine the unimaginable and cross over to the other side where there are no boring events! The 2nd Cronventa Crossover Conference will be held from

28 to 29 August 2017 in Hotel Lev, Ljubljana. Save the date!


A look back

From the 29th to the 30th of August, Conventa Crossover Conference hosted around 30 national and international experts in marketing and tourism and attracted around 150 tourism professionals in Hotel Lev, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Next to diverse lectures, presentations and workshops, the conference impressed the participants with a new meeting design that revealed a formula for successful “out of the box” events.

Conventa Crossover speakers shared:

“I’m lucky to visit dozens of conferences in different countries each year, and Crossover was one of the most innovative events I’ve attended in past three years! I admire the team’s courage to put things upside down and deliver an experience like no other. It was an absolute pleasure to both speak and work on integrating Slido into the programme with Jan-Jaap in der Maur as well as the entire team of Conventa Crossover.”
Juraj Holub, Slido, Slovakia

“Starting something new for the first time is always a challenge. Targeting a specific niche, testing new formats, building a new community, are tough tasks to handle. But the star team of Conventa Crossover proved that if you put your heart in it, and you believe in what you do, anything is possible. I am thrilled to have been a small part of one very successful Conventa Crossover, that I am sure will become a permanent fixture in the calendar of all who work in event marketing. Being in a situation where you can both – give and receive knowledge, is invaluable.”
Magdalina Atanassova, Kenes Group, Bulgaria

“Pulling of something bold like this for the 1st time can only be done with a shared vision, the right team and partners. A perfect example of great meeting design all the way: from the audience, speakers, workshops and stage design up to the magnificent food from the Tattooed chefs. 
Like I say “Memorable events always tell a story”.
Conventa Crossover finished with a cliff hanger and I don’t believe I’m the only one leaving beautiful Ljubljana with that feeling. It was an honour to be part of the journey!”
Martijn Timmermans, The Red Line Project & Event StoryBoard canvas, The Netherlands