Conventa Crossover Survival Guide



This guide is essential reading for every participant, first-timers and veterans alike. If you are looking for specific information, browse the menus to find it or just watch the clip on the landing page and register for Conventa Crossover – we can guarantee you, you will not regret it!

Read this short and essential Survival Guide to get alive out of the urban marketing jungle. The adventure is quite easy if you follow the next few instructions:

1. Anyone may be a part of the Conventa Crossover Jungle Edition. We welcome and respect the stranger. By the time of the rescue, we will leave as friends.

You have just discovered that you are lost in the jungle. You are unsure about whether or not rescue will be arriving. In that case, please get in touch with Conventa Crossover staff, always happy to help.

3. Since the jungle is such an abundant resource of plants and animals, the resources for finding food are everywhere. Chefs of the jungle will be there for you – creative break and lunch in cooperation with the Union Hotels.

4. Humans can survive about 3 days without water – less than that, when it is very hot or if someone is very active. Remember to hydrate yourself – Ljubljana is a city, which can be proud of its clean drinking water and we believe, we won’t ran out of it. Additionally, if you are thirsty for creative ideas, please visit the content bar.

5. In any jungle survival scenario, the shelter plays an important role in protection against the elements. Luckily, we will build it in advance in an amazing Karantanija hall in Hotel Lev.

6. Depending on the jungle location, there are many predatory animals, so stay alerted. Move through the jungle smoothly and avoid making a lot of noise. Your best option of self-defence is to become one of them – find the animal in you!

7. You will need fire to boil the water to make it safe, or to make a good signal fire. Since we do not want anything burning, campfire will be prepared by the experts.

8. Anyone needs some time to relax from time to time. For that, find the chit chat Zen garden.

9. It is difficult to rely on rescue when you are in the jungle so you will need to find the way out on your own. During two workshops, we will acquaint you with tools and best techniques, how to improve sales, strategies and use social networks – it will definitely help you in the jungle and in the real world.

10. Other than that, the best advice we can give you in the survival guide is not to be afraid of any wild animals, since they are only big kittens, and to enjoy it 100%. Soaking up the knowledge is the best survival kit you will ever get.