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Last year Conventa Crossover was a huge success. Organized for the first time, Conventa Crossover 2016 brought together 200 MICE experts, 25 international and regional speakers in 2-day event, filled with lots of creativity, new knowledge and connections.

If you are still thinking whether to register and if Conventa Crossover will give you what you need, look no further. You just have to be a part of first event in region, dedicated to marketing in tourism with focus on content, social, digital and experience marketing.

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“We were deeply impressed by the overall experience at Conventa Crossover Conference. Gorazd, Polona and their team managed to contrive a unique mix of hospitality and expertise. We were moved by their personal approach and dedication not just to engage the speakers and the audience in a very interesting debate, but to enjoy the beautiful city of Ljubljana, too. We will be looking forward for the next Conventa conference.”

Ivana Preiss & Filip Vasic, 52 Hours Design, Czech Republic


“Congratulations on the fantastic work! In a fresh, unique format, with some amazing speakers that delivered relevant content to everyone involved, the conference was a great success. You can be proud of yourselves. :)”

Ognena Ristovska, Momentum, Macedonia


“I’m lucky to visit dozens of conferences in different countries each year, and Crossover was one of the most innovative events I’ve attended in past three years! I admire the team’s courage to put things upside down and deliver an experience like no other. It was an absolute pleasure to both speak and work on integrating Slido into the programme with Jan-Jaap in der Maur as well as the entire team of Conventa Crossover.”

Juraj Holub, Slido, Slovakia


“Starting something new for the first time is always a challenge. Targeting a specific niche, testing new formats, building a new community, are tough tasks to handle. But the star team of Conventa Crossover proved that if you put your heart in it, and you believe in what you do, anything is possible. I am thrilled to have been a small part of one very successful Conventa Crossover, that I am sure will become a permanent fixture in the calendar of all who work in event marketing. Being in a situation where you can both – give and receive knowledge, is invaluable.”

Magdalina Atanassova, Kenes Group, Bulgaria


„Conventa Crossover was definitely an unconventional and inspiring conference format and content, highly recommended.

I would dare to say – a necessity for this industry to move forward. Marketing is crucial and essential tool to approach new generation of industry buyers.“

Slaven Reljić, DMC/PCO agency Coral Group, Croatia


“Pulling of something bold like this for the 1st time can only be done with a shared vision, the right team and partners. A perfect example of great meeting design all the way: from the audience, speakers, workshops and stage design up to the magnificent food from the Tattooed chefs. Like I say “Memorable events always tell a story”.

Conventa Crossover finished with a cliff hanger and I don’t believe I’m the only one leaving beautiful Ljubljana with that feeling.It was an honour to be part of the journey!”

Martijn Timmermans, The Red Line Project & Event StoryBoard canvas, The Netherlands


»Digital customers are transforming all aspects of our lives and business, but there is no industry more customer centric than tourism.

Therefore, Conventa Crossover was a must! With a clear goal of connecting marketing and tourism for better customer experience and business results, it offered a unique experience of its own. For two days, we had the opportunity to be a part of generous experience and ideas exchange – in a super pleasant environment. I am surely proud to be a part of the Future of MICE and Travel Marketing at Conventa Crossover.«

Lea Lipovšek, Madwise, Slovenia

VOK Dams, 75. Geburtstag und Einweihnung AtelierhausColja Dams

“An amazing conference at a fascinating, up and coming destination. But CONVENTA Crossover is even more: it is an innovative format offering several opportunities to get inspirational insights from a wide variety of truly interesting speakers, and last but not least, it is fuelled by an amazingly energized (and energizing) audience.”

Colja M Dams, Vok Dams, Germany


“The essentials of successful business event aren’t just quality content, relevant speakers, smooth organization and a curious destination; the visual experience & atmosphere are taking center stage now when it comes to added value, spicing up happenings with a distinctive style, inspiring vibes, a spark of the imaginative and colourful. Event participants and meeting planners are looking for an experience as memorable as it is productive, and Conventa Crossover Conference manages to offer exactly that, an entertaining, practical and engaging meet-up. Highly recommended to all those looking to discover latest trends, develop new contacts, enjoy fun networking in the MICE & tourism world and leave their own mark on the “it” event of the region’s meeting industry marketing circles.”

Jasna Jasic, Slovenian Convention Bureau


“Conventa Crossover was independent and genuinely fresh in terms of topics and ideas. It could be happening anywhere around the globe but it fits Ljubljana like a glove. A meetings’ industry marketing event not to be missed!”

Maja Vidergar, CD Congress Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia


“Interaction, networking, exchange of opinions with participants from other industries, learning about marketing strategy, storytelling, getting ideas for creating our events even more memorable – these are all factors which made Conventa Crossover a perfect event for me. I’m always looking forward to being a part of this kind of events, reminding me each time to think “out of the box”. You can either expose your problems in the business and professionals are there to try to help you with some advice or you can expose your story of success, which can be maybe useful for other colleagues from the industry. So many opportunities in just one place in such a short time!

Such events encourage you to discover and learn about different approaches of selling, which reminds me also of a book I’ve read few weeks ago – we have to ask ourselves WHY are we doing the things we do and NOT start with what are we doing!”

Janette Poglajen, Sava Hotels & Resorts


“Conventa Crossover was very creative new conference format with excellent speakers, highlighting new trends and innovative developments in the international MICE industry as well as providing actual insights in best practices, interesting and useful training sessions e.g. “storytelling”, good mix of MICE participants with focus on Alpe-Adria region, excellent networking opportunities, great, inspiring setting, energizing atmosphere and professional moderator with a lot of entertaining skills”.

Andreas Griessler, Carinthia Convention Bureau