No more boring events


Conventa Crossover is a conference, but not just any kind of conference. It is a unique and definitely NOT boring event … Find out why Conventa Crossover is different and why you just simply have to be a part of CONVENTA CROSSOVER.

  • ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT OF DELEGATES: Conventa Crossover is highly focusing on active involvement of participants and is based on two-way communication, so you get most out of it and receive solutions that suit you.
  • A UNIQUE AND URBAN EVENT FORMAT: Format is truly unique and different, inspired by the Danish “Meetovation” methodology which means that is different and not just an ordinary conference.
  • MARKETING JUNGLE, CHIT CHAT ZEN GARDEN, CHEF OF THE JUNGLE, ETC.: Each individual part of the Conventa Crossover is designed to impress you and give you the best. Creativity, personalization and communication is the key – this year theme: MARKETING JUNGLE!
  • YOU GET PRACTICAL INFORMATION: Most of the conferences give you a lot of theoretical and lack the practical knowledge. This is definitely not a case with Conventa Crossover.
  • FRESH, CREATIVE AND BOLD EVENT: With the use of fresh and modern formats, we provoke you and give you something to think about. Ideal environment for gaining new knowledge, connections, solutions and ideas.
  • CREATIVE SETUP: The modern and urban venue, company Union Hotels and their Hotel Lev with renovated conference facilities and creative equipment is the ideal place for a different, creative and unique event. More relaxed and dynamic atmosphere, just right for a different conference experience.
  • BEST TOURISM AND MARKETING EXPERTS IN ONE PLACE: Conventa Crossover is the first and only event, dedicated to the future of MICE and travel marketing, which means that we bring you best national and international experts covering different fields in tourism and marketing.
  • CONTENT IS THE KING: Conventa Crossover is simply a major event in region, dedicated to marketing in tourism, with an emphasis on content, social, digital and experience marketing. With our numerous experiences with content marketing, we give you the best content.