Festivality – The App For Events


Got an event? Well, you now also have an immediate and customized event app by Festivality that also acts as an additional source of revenue and actionable analytics.

Festivality brings festivals and events to mobile fast and affordably. We develop platform Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for events and festivals to adopt smart mobile technologies, gain new revenues through mobile and actionable event and attendee analytics.

Product platform in a snapshot:

For event organizers and promoters:
An industry-specific automated mobile apps builder with an efficient content management system (CMS) + event datalytics & mCommerce toolbox. Powers events to launch smart, custom-branded, data-driven event apps, helping event teams to make more informed decisions from real-time event and attendee data analytics. We also open access to new and additional revenue streams via mobile devices.

For attendees:
Intelligent, feature-rich event app (iOS, Android), helping eventgoers get more value out of events and extending experiences to mobile. Along with an ability to buy and pay at event contexts conveniently with their smartphones.

Monetization platform for organizers from events´ partners ecosystem with commercial interests: vendors, merchants, exhibitors, artists, sponsors.

Digitizing events

We have years of experience working on events in the Nordic and CEE region, yet we’ve noticed that too many aspects of our industry haven’t changed fast enough. Attendees are still given printed programmes, they have to make payments in cash and they inevitably often get lost at events, or miss their favorite performances.

The consumer events industry is still largely an offline industry. We think that has to change. The digitization of the events has the potential to raise revenues and ensure smoother organization, as well as create a better experience for attendees and help save the environment from all that printed material. We’ve seen how smart event apps can benefit all event stakeholders from the organizing team to the vendors.

Removing barriers

The benefits of mobile apps might be clear, but they have historically required a large investment and substantial time and effort to come to fruition from scratch. As a result, it is not yet standard for all event teams to build and monetize mobile apps to support their events due to perceived shortages in resources, time, costs and skill. Festivality is changing that by making smart mobile apps easy and accessible for all events.

Want to know more? Drop us a note at hello@festivality.co or check www.festivality.co