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[vc_cta h2=”About Gerrit”]Gerrit Jessen, CED CMM CMP is a seasoned entrepreneur, mentor, trainer and meetings industry adviser. For 25 years he has successfully lead and motivated teams to achieve personal and organizational success. Until 2016 he was leading the growth of MCI in Germany from 30 to 130 talents. Currently, he serves on the Board of the German Convention Bureau and was a member of the MPI International Board of Directors until 2017. He closely followed the creation of the #EventCanvas and served as a sounding board for the creators Ruud Janssen and Roel Frissen. He is a trained Certified Event Designer, leads workshops and seminars about using the #EventCanvas methodology to change behavior and create more meaningful meetings.[/vc_cta]

Q: What do you love about your job the most?

Interaction with people, creating change by listening, helping people to think strategically and do things differently the next day.

Q: In your opinion, what is live marketing’s best advantage?

Messages stick best if attached to emotions. Nothing conveys emotions better than a live experience. Or would you marry your loved one online?

Q: Live marketing is a stage. The screenplay for impressing the audience is…?

…an experience journey that alleviates pains, amplifies gains resulting in the desired change of behavior designed by the screenplay writer.

Q: How have the best live marketing events you have attended so far made you feel

Go out there and change the world!

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Looking at your bucket list, what is the one thing that you really wish to cross off by the end of 2018?

Do my annual motorbike trip with my best friend in South Africa in December.

If you could have dinner with anyone (alive or dead), who would you have dinner with and why?

Nelson Mandela together with Paul Simon to talk about persistence and believing in what you do is right.

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Q: What are you preparing for the workshop that you will lead at the Conventa Crossover

I will showcase the EventCanvas Methodology, a uniquely powerful approach to systematically deconstruct and then reconstruct the success or failure of an event with a team of invested people. Based on the principles of Visual Thinking and Design Thinking the EventCanvas allows teams to design events that change desired behavior and create results that matter.

Q: What are you expecting from the workshop to give to its participants?

In this very interactive workshop using the EventCanvas, they will learn how to select stakeholders, how to get their value crystal clear and involve them in a constructive way. This strategic event management tool helps event planners develop customer-centric events that focus on creating value for all stakeholders. This approach supports a collaborative working method for more creativity and ROI. On top, the EventCanvas effectively facilitates documenting existing congresses and events on one page and developing new event business models.

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