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[vc_cta h2=”About Ivona”]Ivona Dabetić Jovović is the owner and executive director of Vision Event. She is a master of economic sciences, specialized in international marketing and branding. Vision Event is a five years old event management, marketing and PR agency, doing business in Montenegro. The agency is specialized in business events, doing some of the most significant business events in Montenegro. The core business of the agency is bringing the new trends in Montenegro which are attractive and already established worldwide. By researching the local market, identifying the needs of the market, they create a new event on a global level from the very idea, trough all aspects of the organization, to realization. She is the co-founder of regional Convention of women of Western Balkans, established with the main idea of empowering women society and which gathered the most influential women from country, region and the world, including Nobel prize winner Mrs. Shirin Ebadi. She is also the founder and president of NGO „Brini o sebi“ with the main goal of promotion of self-care and prevention of breast cancer. The campaigns, created and implemented by the NGO, changed the lives of many women in Montenegro by changing their self-care awareness.[/vc_cta]

Q: What do you love about your job the most?

Since the first moment when I began this job in the field of event management, marketing, and PR, I can say that I feel a passion which only increases over time and encourages me to be even better. In this way, I believe in myself and in my visions, I strive to make big steps towards a significant success.
Regarding this job, the most feeling I like is when together in the team we create something worthy, new ideas in progress, when we feel that our creativity has no limits, which eventually results by moving the boundaries and previous possibilities.

One more important thing that makes me happy is the satisfaction and positive comments from our clients and business partners, even our competitors, and that is one of the main indicators that we do the right thing in the right way. We are constantly trying to improve our services and to move up by following the latest trends.

Q: In your opinion, what is live marketing’s best advantage?

Live marketing really has more advantages and in my opinion, I would highlight a few. I consider that it is the best way to feel and show the emotion, and then share it with people who are listening to you. The most important is that the audience feels honesty and experience of the speaker on the stage. Face to face communication in a real moment gives us a possibility to actively participate, exchange the views, give suggestions and at the same time it is a great way to gain new knowledge and to improve the existing ones.

Q: Live marketing is a stage. The screenplay for impressing the audience is…?

I actually think that good preparation is the key to a public appearance because no matter how many years someone ahs been doing that, it is still a huge responsibility how to contact the public and how to impress them. A speaker needs to be honest and show that he really believes in his words because the audience feels it the best. The audience like to feel the respect of the speaker which is also our obligation when we appear on the stage, we are staying here because of them.

Q: How have the best live marketing events you have attended so far made you feel

I can single out one performance which made a significant impression on me, it was Meeting with Marina Abramovic. Marina Abramovic is a famous performance artist, and I passionately follow her work. She has published a book and made a visit to Montenegro to make a live event for book promotion. The presence of the artist provided me the possibility to really feel her truth, to ask her questions, to interact. I was inspired, even for a long time after that live event. It was the performance which made no one indifferent and all her appearance attracted attention and a lot of comments.

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Looking at your bucket list, what is the one thing that you really wish to cross off by the end of 2018?

I can truly say that one of them is being a part of one of the most influential live events in the region and New Europe, Conventa 2018.

First of all, I was honored when I was invited to be a speaker at Conventa Trend Bar which was held in June in Podgorica and this participation at Conventa Crossover in Ljubljana made me feel so proud and happy. Invitation to participate at Conventa Crossover in Slovenia is a significant confirmation to all my previous efforts, giving up and investing in myself. Now I know and feel that everything was worth an effort. Definitely, this participation I will consider as a crown in my career for 2018.

If you could have dinner with anyone (alive or dead), who would you have dinner with and why?

Oh, the answer to this question isn’t so easy as it seems, because there are have been so many people through history whose life stories fascinate me. But, if I could choose, it would be definitely legendary Nelson Mandela. It was a man who was ready to die for his ideas.

As the first dark-skinned president of South Africa, he fought fearlessly for democracy and free society in which all have the possibility to live in harmony and with an equal chance. Nelson is one of the most influential figures in history and because of his beliefs and good deeds he will be forever remembered. He simply represents a man who is a role model for all fighters for peace. I’d be very interested in the story how he spent 27 years in prison, which was giving him a strength to move on, and how he didn’t lose hope that perhaps one day he will not have the opportunity to fight for his ideals and in this way help humanity. I would also like to ask him how he didn’t lose faith in people and in their goodness if we take into account what kind of torture he had survived in prison. I’d have so many questions for him. I am sure that it would be a great dinner with many interesting topics for discussion.

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Q: Why do you think it is important to have a regional collaboration in event and live marketing?

I think that for company development and positioning, as well as personal advancement, it is very important to establish the regional cooperation in events. By comparing how something works on a regional market, we are trying to improve the current situation on the market within which we operate. A crucial thing is that we should never cease to find out new and interesting things, and also one of the essential things is the constant networking. That’s why I think that every type of regional presence and cooperation is the great way to achieve more important goals.

Q: What are you expecting from the panel discussion?

First of all, I must say that it is such an honor to be part of the Conventa Crossover 2018. I really thank you for showing me trust by participating in a panel discussion. I expect to meet great people, colleagues who are experts in their area, and with whom I can share my experiences from practice, and also hope that on the best way we will provide a lot of valuable information to all of the attendees. I expect that we will launch many interesting topics supported by evidence from practice, which will be of interest to all. I am really looking forward to participating, and I am sure it will be dynamic, active and pleasant communication with all participants.

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