SAM Gala 2017

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Date 12th December 2017
Location Belexpocentar, Belgrade, Serbia
Organizer M2Communications
Client Serbian Association of Managers (SAM)
Event type Annual Event and Award Ceremony

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SAM Gala is the most prominent annual event and award ceremony of the Serbian Association of Managers. It is organized every year in December to award managers, companies, educational institutions, regional projects and economic journalists who with their work promote best business practices. One of the main goals is to generate aspiration and inspiration among the audience in order to foster the business leaders of tomorrow.

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To achieve that the SAM Gala 2017 becomes the most inspirational and the most memorable award ceremony of the year, hosting around 450 guests from Serbia and the region, in the biggest convention center in the country, more than 80 creative and production minds were involved in the making process, as well as over 30 hours for complete set ups and rehearsals.

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An unique and glamorous setup was designed for the total event area of 2000 sqm. SAM Gala 2017 was opened by a special guest who started his unconventional introduction to a spectacular show in a “stand up” style from the backstage area. The show continued with the sounds of the “Phantom of the Opera” main theme, performed exclusively for SAM Gala and featuring star singers from this famous musical. This remarkable performance was followed by the awarding ceremony of the best companies and individuals in 11 categories for their business excellence. After the official part concluded, the evening continued in the Cocktail Area where guests were invited to enjoy the after party.

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The unforgettable “Phantom of the Opera” opening show was very much different from all of its previous versions, because it represented a unique synchronized interaction between performers and various light installations, alongside LED screens and dry ice effects, with the main goal of providing mesmerizing reaction on everyone present. Special light installation with more than 250 Edison bulbs, stage extending on more than 300sqm, 8 x 4.5m LED screens and 120 spotlights,
altogether contributed to the impressive experience for all guests.

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Organizing an event that at one place gathers Government representatives, leading managers from Serbia and the region, as well as the media, represented a noteworthy challenge, not just in terms of protocol, but also in terms of planning and logistics. Significant effort was made to create an ambience and unique set up that surpasses all the previous SAM Gala award ceremonies.

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The event is set to be a glamorous experience leaving its guests with an extraordinary and unforgettable memory. One of the main goals is
to generate aspiration and inspiration among the audience in order to foster the business leaders of tomorrow.

• Great media attraction with total coverage of 82 releases (7 TV outlets, 12 print outlets, 63 web outlets)
• Eleven awards for best business practices
• Around 450 guests from various fields
• The event supported by some of the most prominent regional companies

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SAM Gala is the most important event of the year for Serbian Association of Managers (SAM), and the crown of business endeavours conducted by the Association. SAM gathers over 400 professional managers who lead the most successful companies in Serbia, employ over 90,000 employees and annually generate more than 12 billion euros of revenue. The Association is mainly focused on communication with the Government of Serbia and its institutions, on professional development of managers and the advancement of managerial profession, on intensifying the regional cooperation and on promoting business networking in Serbia. SAM aspires to improve the overall business environment in Serbia, as well as to support and to strengthen the capacity of mangers.

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Formal invitations were sent to all guests, to Government officials, both domestic and regional business representatives, economic journalists and sponsors.

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