Expedition To Mars

[vc_cta h2=”Basic Event Information”]Date: 28th November 2017
Location: Belexpocentar, Belgrade, Serbia
Organizer: M2Communications
Client: Delta Motors Serbia
Event type: Conceptual Event[/vc_cta]
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“Expedition to Mars” is a futuristic and above all, a unique conceptual project, implemented for Delta Motors – exclusive importer and distributor of BMW and MINI automobiles, for Serbia and Montenegro. In order to launch the new BMW X3, the expedition has gathered many prominent quests, luxury vehicle fans and media representatives, with the goal of providing the experience of exploring the Red Planet, as well as the newest BMW model.

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To recreate a unique and memorable scenery that no man has ever seen and experienced – the surface of Planet Mars, combined with the superior characteristics of the new BMW X3 model – the model ready to overcome every road and obstacle. The futuristic expedition to Mars, with more than 600 members took place at Belgrade’s biggest convention center, BelExpo. Many VIP guests, business and media representatives, as well as many true space and BMW fans, became a part of a breath-taking event.

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„Expedition to Mars“represented an idea of offering the humanity, in this case – the guests, the technology and the possibility to experience and explore the Planet Mars, and to feel something that is beyond the everyday reach. Combined with the superior BMW technology and design, the „space travellers” had the chance to go through the cosmic voyage, from Planet Earth to the south hemisphere of the Red Planet. The idea was to identify the new BMW X3 as a vehicle ready to overpower every road obstacle, regardless of whether it is a surface of Planet Earth or Planet Mars. Before the event, the most unusual invitations – special glass tubes with a sand sample from the Red Planed, were sent to all guests, insinuating what is to be expected on the following expedition. Aft the end of the event, after all guests successfully finished the expedition, all “space travellers” got memorable giveaway presents – “Space Rocks from your Mission to Mars”, made of the most refine chocolate. The idea was to remind all guests that there are “the things we do, and the things we do with passion”.

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Accompanied by “space stewardess” in specially designed space suits, the guests went on a space journey, through the unique tunnel, inspired by the true space ship interior. The journey was conjured up by remarkable LED screen video animations, sound and special effects, in order to boost the sensation of a cosmic voyage. The ambience and set design were inspired by the surface of the Red Planet and science fiction motives. The panorama of Mars was conjured up by 8K projection, launched on the largest screen ever installed at the event in Serbia (dimension: 37x5m). The key segment of the event started with a video message from the BMW research centre on planet Earth, which announced the arrival of the „Explorer One“ space shuttle, coming with brand new BMW X3 models. An animation describing the landing of the space shuttle at the BMW space station on Mars was accompanied by special effects and communication between the mission commander and mission control. The event culminated with the opening of the space shuttle door and a spectacular landing of BMW X3 cars on stage. In order to amplify the impression of the Red Planet, three futuristic domes were set, representing base camp research stations: The Test Drive Station (VR activation – BMW X3 Exploring Mars – a virtual BMW X3 ride on Mars , Memories from Mars (chroma key photos from Mars) and Microgravity Bar.

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The entire process of making a BelExpo center interior resembling the Red Planet gathered more than 100 professionals from various creative and production fields – agencies, media, artists, freelancers, programmers, directors, associates, and many others. The most admirable key resource invested in the implementation of this extremely demanding project was over 20 thousands working hours in creating a memorable brand experience.

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  • More than 600 guests shared their experience via social networks, reporting about the event of the season
  • Over 30 media representatives joined the “Expedition to Mars” event
  • The total PR value in TV, print and web media reached the sum of around 150.000EUR
  • The interest in BMW test drives increased several times, combined to regular months
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Everything started with a M2Communications agency idea of positioning the BMW on a most premium position by creating something completely different and fresh, something that has never been done in this region. The event was ranked as unconventional and spectacular by everyone who had the chance to be a part of it. It was a kind of imaginary conquest of Mars and excellent example of the rejection of stereotypes in the communication approach in the automotive industry.

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The first “Expedition’ to Mars” was a unique experience to all of its ‘members’ (guests), creating a strong brand impact by generating emotions and engaging the audience, not just with the BMW, but also with company Delta Motors, as an exclusive importer and distributor, with impeccable reputation. Alongside raising the BMW brand awareness and its luxury image, most importantly it led to a long-lasting perception of a brand as a futuristic, inspiring and innovative.

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