Fotona Underwater Party

[vc_cta h2=”Basic Event Information”]Date: 25.5.2018
Location: Marina Portorož- Hangar
Organizer: Agencija Promo d.o.o.
Client: Fotona d.o.o.
Event type: B2B – Gala dinner


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Fotona Underwater party was a part of International Fotona week. It was planned as the main event of 5 days Conference in Portorož. There were 4 events in a row. 1st with 250 guests in Vinakoper winery, 2nd with 550 guests in hotel Slovenia, 3th in Marina Portorož with 650 guests and last with 500 guests on the beach. Our key inputs for the organization of this event were: there will be 600 guests from all around the World, we need a show, it is necessary to combine modern technology with the local environment.

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We had a lot of key challenges, but the main one was where to organize such a big gala event with 650 guests, 65 round tables, stage, dancing floor, catering… We checked several different venues but actually, there was only one real option – Hangar in Marina Portorož which has an area of more than 1200 square meters under one roof. But it was not enough. Beside the hangar, we were forced to build another additional tent in the size of 15×20 meters, which we used for catering and office for catering. Others key challenges were connected with logistics, program, catering…

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After a briefing with our client who gave us very few directions about their wishes about the program we had a brainstorming in our office and decided to have a first underwater party in Slovenia. The idea was to impress guests and client with something new. Something they have never seen before. Our focus was on the scenography, technology, and program – show.

Scenography: The main part of the setup were projections on 2 sides of the Hangar in the total size of 60x6m on which we projected the underwater world. We had also specially designed, branded lamps.

Technology: we had specially designed and programmed ‘’underwater’’ blue light, which made you feel like you are underwater, 4 lasers that projected the water surface over the guests.

Program: was based on an element of surprise. First, the guests gathered in front of the hangar and after 20 minutes we opened the hangar door and the guests entered.

The program was divided into 3 parts. We started with the traditionally Fotona award ceremony which was moderated by Tin Vodopivec, continued with self-service dinner. Main part – After the dinner. We turned off the lights and turn on four 15.000 ASL projectors which create an underwater atmosphere –While the guests were watching spectacular projections, we had time to set up a basketball basket in front of the stage. After 5 minutes we started with Dunking Devils LED performance show under the water surface created by 4 blue lasers. After the show, there was loud applause.

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We used modern technology to create a real underwater atmosphere. The main role was played by 2 projections 30x6m and four lasers that created the wavy surface of the sea above the guests.

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The whole event for Fotona, all 5 days, took us 5 months of preparation, organization, execution and after event activities. Especially for the execution of this event, we spent 3 days. 2 days of assembly + event and 1 day of disassembling. There was more than 70 staff from organizers, electricians, engineers for sound and light, catering and show performers. Everything was coordinated by the Agency Promo.

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At the end of the entire IFW we made a survey in which we asked about the quality of the events and the average score for the event in Marina Portorož was 8.9 / 10

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The final responses to the Fotona Underwater party event were very positive. At this event, Fotona presented itself as a big company that takes care of its partners and gives them the best possible atmosphere for even better growth, development and cooperation.

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The event in Marina Portorož is the reflection of Fotona’s slogan One family together. The idea from Fotona at this event was: to socialize, to have fun, to laugh, to dance and to feel like they are part of the Fotona family. In Fotona knows that this is all the investment in the future and the growth of the company.

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