25th Anniversary Of Porsche Slovenia

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Outstanding Stories, Outstanding People, Outstanding Mobility

Date: 23. 5. 2018
Location: CANKARJEV DOM (Linhartova dvorana), LJUBLJANA

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»Vrhunske zgodbe, vrhunski ljudje, vrhunska mobilnost« (Outstanding Stories, Outstanding People, Outstanding Mobility) is an event we devised in the context of an extensive content marketing campaign celebrating the 25th anniversary of Porsche Slovenija (the general importer and representative for VW, Audi, Seat and Škoda). The campaign included TV and on-line presence and marketing, communication through all company channels (website, magazine, newsletters, social networks, etc.) and a gala event, where we subtly introduced some campaign elements into the script. The event became a cross media platform where the content could be presented in a subtle and innovative way, which evoked a variety of emotional responses from the crowd. Not a single performance during the entire event was designed and carried out in a standard manner that was seen before. As an event management agency, we set one objective for ourselves – to organise an event that would be remarkable, special and memorable in terms of design and execution (by using various genres and formats). We succeeded by integrating perfectly crafted, outstanding stories, co-created by outstanding personalities – whether they were campaign ambassadors or the performing artists at the event. Our spiritus agens revolved around a limitless concept – outstanding mobility in all its forms, phases and creativity! In the form of authentic stories told, shown, sung or danced by our selected co-creators.

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We faced the following challenges:

Communication: We started communicating with our invited guests (approximately 550 guests: business partners, all authorised dealers, all of the employees, representatives of municipalities and all important professional association, media representatives and friends) 5 months before the event. This included the preparation of a guest list (a detailed compilation and double-checking of contact information), designing a print invitation (which raised the expectations for the event through the roof), preparing and sending electronic invitations in multiple phases with an electronic RSVP system and creating a seating arrangement – our objective was to ensure a flawless communication. It really was, and we only received ten declinations due to objective reasons.

Casting and direction: Choosing the performers and micro-directing each individual performance posed another challenge – how to stand out and be innovative, how to convince the performers to create, together with us, something they have never done before … So we started combining and fusing different energies.

Video: Creation and production of three video stories in which the employees and business partners, who have been a part of the company for 25 years, shared their feelings through the prism of mobility, which brought tears to some eyes. The videos of children with a

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We encouraged the performers to think about their own ideas and experiences with mobility to create some outstanding stage performances: – Miša Molk and Ula Furlan, co-hosts: Mother and daughter, both well-known presenters and hosts, had never hosted an event together – their energy was limitless, familial, friendly and professional – the mobility of a strong connection. – Klemen Slakonja – The excellent impressionist took the opportunity to share a personal story from a family trip in complete darkness, which enabled us to really hear every single word of the tale (we even dimmed the emergency exit lights for a couple of minutes to create complete darkness) – the mobility of the free spirit. – F&B Acrobatics – We’ve all heard of their acrobatics, but we had not been familiar with their teaching: 50 girl gymnasts charged the stage from all corners of the auditorium and performed an excellent group routine on a huge mat that barely fit on the stage – the mobility of movement. – Perpetuum Jazzile and Siddharta – A musical combo that would not occur on its own, a vocal ecstasy with rock instruments, augmented by a revolving stage set which gradually revealed the performers – it was a real treat for both eyes and ears – the mobility of limitless sound.

The performances were creatively thought-out, the stage lighting elevated every part of the show and the animations by the VJs served as a great visual accompaniment. The audience was simply amazed.

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Content-wise, we approached the selection of the performers and the micro-direction of every performance as innovatively as possible, i.e. to create something no one has ever seen before:

Crisscross puzzles instead of speeches: We included both general managers and the directors of all four car manufacturers in the script for the event. Our plan was to steer clear of standard, static speeches, which is why we introduced a new format and used our ”criss cross” game to help them reveal the values of the company and unveil the ambassadors of outstanding mobility through various forms of mobility. They took the stage individually and were not made aware of the question they would get from the hosts. Their time on the stage was therefore authentic and fun, while they really made the event whole by sharing a part of themselves and their personal thoughts.

Taking advantage of 100% of the location: In terms of technical preparation, we took advantage of all the technical capabilities available at the location, e.g. the revolving inner platform on the stage that enabled us to show Perpetuum Jazzile before Siddharta and surprise the audience.

Stage design and decoration: We transformed the auditorium and the main entrance into a dark corridor, part of which flanked both sides of the main hall, and brought our guests into something new, unknown and unexpected right from the start. Not even the staff at CD had ever seen such design for the entrance and the hall.

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The event was very demanding in terms of stage design and technical preparation, so we needed two days to put together everything we had planned. Building a secondary stage, setting up the sound system, LED wall projections, the revolving stage and maximum stage loads, decorating the entrance and the hall – everything was meticulously planned and tested multiple times before the event.

The execution of the programme involving video, music and stage production also required teamwork between a number professional crews, excellent direction and careful coordination.

There were 120 performers on the stage (this impressive number was mainly achieved thanks to the gymnasts (50) and Perpetuum Jazzile (30)). The support teams for technical matters and stage design were also numerous. We collaborated with well-known young Slovenian creators who whipped up a true spectacle with their attention to detail and fresh approach: Nejc Levstik was director, Črt Birsa was lightning designer, Den Baruca was VJ and Greta Godnič handled the stage design.

And last but not least, we should mention the wonderful after party at the club, which was catered by Catering Jezeršek.

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The excitement in the room, applause after every performance, loud ovation at the end of the event, and countless verbal congratulations and thanks in the month following the event. We came across 23 instances of organic media coverage (even though we had not encouraged or even planned any coverage).

The following media outlets publicised the event:
– Print: Lady, Suzy, Moto revija
– online media: Mediaspeed.net, Elle.si, Govori.se, Avto-magazin.si, Publishwall.si, Novice24.net
– radio: Radio Gorenc (car programme)
– TV: TV Slovenija 2 (a show titled Avtomobilnost) – and many personal social media profiles Press clipping attached.

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We started communicating with the invited guests 5 months before the event. We compiled the guest list in cooperation with the management of the company, individual departments and the dealers who suggested their own guests. We used electronic invitations to communicate with our guests in multiple phases, using an electronic RSVP system, while everyone also received a striking print invitation to which they were also able to respond. We strived towards our goal to provide active, transparent and personal communication. After receiving the acceptances, we prepared a seating arrangement and sent out tickets with seat numbers to everyone invited. On the first day after the event, our guests received a thank-you e-mail and a link to the on-line photo gallery, while the video report was sent out a week later.

The design radiated outstanding mobility in the shape of a red road on a black background, which also served as the main theme of the entire event. Our communication was marked with a CI and a logo designed especially for the event on all levels – from the first invitation to the last bit of decoration:
– special branded postage stamps,
– print and electronic invitations,
– pillows used as decoration at the banquet,
– gifts – gift boxes for the guests,
– frames for photos that the guests took themselves at the after party,
– company name in huge 3D letters, which we moved all over the location of the event.

We communicated with the client transparently every day.

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The guests were able to take any leftovers home in ”to-go boxes”. The decorations and promo material (3D letters, pillows, photo board) were designed so that they can be re-used.

We did not buy any new clothing for the performers; all clothes were either rented or owned by the performers.

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