Crossover Fan Club – Vesna Klemenčič

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Vesna Klemenčič, Head of Bled Convention Bureau


Q: What does the Conventa Crossover conference mean to you?

I see the Conventa Crossover Conference as a cornerstone of the Meetings’ Industry of the region of Southeast Europe. Slovenia boldly took the leading role in the Region by the Conventa Fair which has been every year of the last decade taking place in Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana. For me, the Crossover Conference is a cosy spot for networking, meeting good practices of the industry in person, and, above all, for getting some fresh and innovative knowledge and ideas for my work.

Q: Why would you recommend registering for the Crossover event?

In my opinion, the region of Southeast Europe has a great potential in the Meetings’ Industry and as such, the Conventa Crossover Conference provides an open window into the region in terms of new locations, new ideas, and innovative practices either already existing or being developed just around the corner.

Q: What makes, in your opinion, for a successful and effective event?

A successful event is an event that leaves a trace in the heart of the participants as well as in the society, be it environment – in terms of Green Meetings, taking care of the Zero Waste, Carbon Neutrality, etc, or the ones bringing development in the society with their Corporate Social Responsibility input. It goes without saying that professionalism and innovation are still a sine qua non of our business.

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