Crossover Fan Club – Barbara Hunt Vodopivec

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Barbara Hunt Vodopivec, Head of MICE Department at Kompas Meet


Q: What does the Conventa Crossover conference mean to you?

Conventa Crossover always comes at the end of summer, when you are fresh and back from holidays and you are happy to meet colleagues from the industry again. I also expect to learn about new ideas, meet new interesting people from the entire region and share the views about what we can do even better for our clients.

Q: Why would you recommend registering for the Crossover event?

In fact, my recommendation equals my expectations – learn new things about the industry (mostly fresh, out-of-the-box ideas), open horizons and meet interesting people.

Q: What makes, in your opinion, for a successful and effective event?

First thing is to know your client’s expectations and wishes; this is the base to work on. Then it is definitely your own creativity, research and open mind during the phase of preparation and realisation. There is so much to do and show, you just need to think out-of-the-box (if the client and the project allows you to ).

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