In bed with the storytellers: Rafaela Rica


Ready to jump in bed with the storytellers of Crossover 2019?

…to listen to bedtime stories, of course.

Just like bedtime stories that we used to listen to as children, every event creates and shares its own story. A well-told story is an event where the narrator and the listener meet, where the participant and the speaker form a personal bond. Before you come to the hottest conference of the summer, we wanted you to meet our storytellers, to make the storytelling experience even stronger and more engaging.

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Q: How are we going to organize events in the future?

The future of events will be digital, virtual and viral…

Q: Is there something you would like to change in the world of events?

Our society is changing towards a digitized one, opening new chances and improved experience based on emerging technologies. Nowadays, the development of technology is influencing all our areas of life and of our workplace. Moreover, this digital revolution is shaping the entire services we are offering and the skills required to succeed in the new times. The key to success in event management is to keep eyes wide open to the latest trends and technologies, innovative ideas and skill set of the right expertise and the necessity of a comprehensive approach to tackle the latest trends.

Q: What do you love about your job the most?

I love my job because it is very diverse, inspiring and inclusive. It keeps me creative and always in between new ideas, new places and new people around the world.

Q: In your opinion, what is live marketing’s best advantage?

It’s all about the customer’s experience and satisfaction. Nowadays the consumers are technologically advanced therefore they have a higher level of expectations from product and brands. What is the key to success for us as marketers/ advertisers is to find ways to create positive and unforgettable emotion to our customers while promoting an event brand or product.

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Q: What are you bringing to Conventa Crossover?

I would like share my expertise and experience in the event management sector and at the same time discuss the future of event planning and how important it is to pay attention to the technologies that are reshaping the event industry. Us, as event planners should be prepared to meet future challenges heads on and take bold necessary steps toward success.

Q: What do you expect from Crossover in Ljubljana?

As you mentioned in your presentation I am looking to network, get inspired, and exchange experiences in a fun and creative way.

Q: Why should an attendee not miss your session?

Because I think I am cool and I have interesting things to say☺.

Q: Hashtag suggestion for the 2019 edition?


[vc_cta h2=”About Rafaela”]Rafaela Rica is the founder and CEO of Iceberg Communication Ltd in Albania, one of the biggest dynamic, innovative and integrated Advertising and Communications agencies in the country. Now, for almost two decades, Rafaela and her team of 22 talented energetic professionals have been the testimonials and determinant actors of tremendous changes of the industry. Starting the business at 23, she dared to challenge the mentality and become one of the rare women entrepreneurs in Albania in 1999. Her courage was rewarded as she is now a very successful business woman and a role model for many young students and entrepreneurs in the region. She is a key note speaker and a mentor for young entrepreneurs in Albania and in the Balkans. Rafaela Rica has obtained her MBA degree in Switzerland and is currently a doctoral student in Austria where her research focus is on technology-driven women entrepreneurship and gender gap in the Western Balkans.[/vc_cta]

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