Coca Cola Kick-off & Annual Party


Basic Event Information

Date: 28.02.2019.
Location: Belexpocenter/ Belgrade-Serbia
Organizer: M2Communications
Client: Coca-Cola HBC Serbia
Event type: Conceptual Event/B2B


Event description and key objectives

The Coca Cola Kick-off & Annual Party 2019 was the biggest event arranged so far, for employees only. This event took place at Belexpocenter in Belgrade for more than 1,000 guests. The whole program was divided into two segments; the first was a daytime segment during which employees shared work results and the second segment where employees had a rich activation program with a famous performer.


Key challenges

We had a lot of key challenges, but the biggest one was to organize such a big gala event with 1,000 guests, other challenges were related to logistics, program, catering, etc.

1. The most challenging was the transformation of the hall into two different set-ups, where the first one was a conference set-up for 700 employees (Designing such an ambience that will give visitors an experience of visiting a real American megalopolis).

2. The second one was a party set-up with bar tables, audio-visual effects, which were completed with a rich activation program for employees who were having a great time late into the night.


After a briefing with our client, who gave us very few directions as to their wishes about the program, we had a brainstorming session in our office. The idea was to impress both the guests and the client with something new, something they had never seen before. Our idea was to design a complete story of a metropolis that lives 24/7, like New York for instance and create a new experience for each visitor of a city that lives 24/7.

We created an authentic ambience of the Coca-Cola City with a subway installation enriched with LED panels and neon advertising signs. Several different city zones were created, each with a story for itself, inspired by culture, fun, and specific rhythm of life of an American city.



We have created an experience of a city modeled on a metropolis living 24/7, where each visitor has an opportunity to have fun and enjoy in a unique way. An authentic ambiance of the imaginary Coca-Cola City was created. The subway installation enriched with LED panels and neon advertising signs took visitors to the city center, where several different city zones were created, and each was a story for itself, inspired by culture, fun, and specific rhythm of life of an American city.


A 120-strong creative, production and technical team were involved in designing and executing the whole concept in which the Coca-Cola City offered a special experience. Each part of this unique city was authentically made to give its visitors interaction, learning, information, networking, and fun.


Measurable results

  • More than 2,500 guests shared their experience via social networks, reporting about the event of the season
  • As this was a closed-type, internal event, there was no media coverage.

The use of sustainable practices

‘Save the Date’ invitations were sent via digital media to avoid unnecessary usage of paper. Other aspects of the event were in line with business practice. 

Also, the main event implementation goal of the Coca Cola City was to provide maximum experience and presentation of the creative concept, with a minimum printing or physical production work. In this sense, minimum quantities of promotional materials were printed and the communication was supported with online channels.

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