Launch of Axe Throwing Europe – Sekiromet®


Basic Event Information

Date: 15 November 2018
Location: Ljubljana, Kajuhova Ulica 35
Organizer: Escape Room Enigmarium and the Orehov Gaj Group
Client: Axe Throwing Europe – Sekiromet (Institut Proactivita)
Event type: Service Launch, Opening of the new entertainment center

EVENT CATEGORY: CATEGORY B2C – Best Brand Activation

Event description and key objectives

The Team Escape room Enigmarium and the Orehov Gaj group, both famous for being pioneers in the field of gamifying tourist activities and events, have joined forces to create a new form of entertainment »AXE THROWING EUROPE – Sekiromet«, where people have fun while throwing axes.

Since bowling is lately somewhat out of fashion, and throwing darts is favored mostly among the older generations, we have used our gamification skills and added a bit of Slovenian tradition to the concept popular amongst the Canadian loggers to create a new way of entertainment.

Our business goal was to launch a new tourist activity, where friends and family, as well as larger groups (teambuilding), will be entertained. First of all, we had to take care of safety and shatter the myths: “throwing the ax is dangerous, aggressive, only for bearded men, boring”. That is why we have developed a 90 minutes long program where the players, under the constant guidance of our experienced instructors in enclosed spaces, play various competitive games, that end with a tournament.

The communication goal was to create a recognizable brand, to attract players, and to reach the media with this specific novelty. We wanted to create an open (and safe) space of entertainment, great for socializing, dating, celebrating a birthday and an opportunity for really kickass teambuilding and to convert this fun activity into the real sport in next year.



Besides that the have used our creative and gamification skills and added a bit of Slovenian tradition to the concept popular amongst the Canadian loggers to create a new way of entertainment, we took great care to design the service, which is safe yet fun at the same time. To reach our goals, we developed a sales and communication strategy that has to generate media attention and as well as WOM among the participants.

We created a recognizable logo, trade-marked the brand AXE THROWING EUROPE® and SEKIROMET®, and created the corporate identity (Brandbook) as well as ATL and BTL communication messages. We set up a web page with a booking system, created accounts on different social media platforms, and designed products meant for merchandising. We also looked through the glossary, and discovered that our connection to the axe runs deep – the root of the word axe can be found in a number of proverbs and set expressions. This handy glossary can also be found on our website.

Besides the launch of the entertainment center located on Kajuhova street, we also opened an outdoor playground located in Orehov Gaj, and we have devoted ourselves to the new innovations – we developed a completely new product – the mobile version of axe throwing situated on a car trailer, which is beneficial, because it allows us to be present at corporate or entertainment events happening throughout Europe.



The group of Orehov gaj and the Escape room Enigmarium have worked together to find the way to turn an ancient sport of throwing the axes into a new form of entertainment, where players play fun games under the supervision of the instructors during a 90-minute-long program while having incredible fun.

It took us only 10 days to build the biggest axe throwing facility in Europe in the abandoned storage, using only Slovenian knowledge and Slovenian spruce wood, which was attacked by lubbers and would not be suitable for any other process, since we follow sustainability and »zero plastic« policy in the center.

We had to be very innovative while creating a communication campaign to be both challenging and entertaining at the same time, and perhaps a little bit cheeky – but not too much, not to terrify our potential visitors. We’ve been very innovative with the invitations to the opening of this new activity, never seen in this part of Europe before. We had to find a fresh way to engage well-known faces, influencers and potential customers as well as media. That’s why we send out the axes to some media – a message in a form of axe can not be missed! But the most important: we paid special attention to safety standards, which means that we fenced the targets in
the safest way, we prepared safety protocols, develop our unique entertaining show non-stop guided by our “axperts” and educated the staff properly.



A deserted workshop, situated on a degraded area, was brought back to life in just 10 days, and now represents an open space for social gatherings and fun – entertainment center Axe Throwing Europe – Sekiromet®. At about 300 square meters, the largest axe throwing center in Europe was built. You can find 12 targets where up to 100 people can enjoy at the same time.

At the opening evening, the first VIP tournament took place, attended by many famous Slovenians – among them the winner of the reality show the Farm, Franko Bajc, the singer Kataya, the world-famous F&B Acrobatics and many other influencers, celebrities, and media representatives. The games we developed were a huge success, and new fun activity has been all over the newspapers, magazines, internet and we even made it to the news on the popular POPtv.


Measurable results

From 0 players to 4000 players: Within six months after the opening of our entertainment center, when nobody even knew that Axe throwing exists, over 4000 players came to test their lumberjack skills.

From the last place to seventh place on TripAdvisor: On the TripAdvisor portal, we reached the seventh place in the Fun and Games category in Ljubljana, in record time. Our rating has been steadily increasing, thanks to the reviews of our players. All reviews, without any exception, have the highest grade possible (5 stars).

From 0 keyword search to 100 searches per day: On average, our activity (axe throwing or the brandname SEKIROMET®) is searched with Google search approximately 100 times per day – before November, the number of searches for the word axe throwing was 0.

From 12 targets to 24 targets: in the last 6 months we have expanded our activity, adding an outdoor version located in Orehov gaj with 6 targets. And we developed unique mobile unit, also containing six targets, with which we can reach any other event – altogether it makes it a total of 24 targets.

Another proof that axe throwing is gaining on popularity is the increasing number of likes on Facebook and Instagram. From entertainment to serious sport: during winter months we hosted winter league which reults in the very first Slovenian national axe throwing championship (under WATL standards).



With launching something so unknown as the axe throwing activity is, we had to be very brave. It was crucial to determine in what tone and with what message will inform the public about our new entertainment, which can come with a lot of prejudices and fears.

We decided to be brave and go with the strong (and a bit provocative) visual and textual message on flyers, posters, billboards, digital media, social media, radio commercials …

“Bowling is for pussies. Why don’t you try AXE THROWING and have fun like a lumberjack! Dust off your plaid flannel shirt and come throw axes in an upbeat atmosphere filled with good music and fun for everyone. In a 90-minute guided session, our coaches will teach you to properly and safely throw an axe before leading you in different games and a tournament. You won’t believe the thrill of hitting the bulls-eye!”

Instead of sending a simple invitation for the opening to the media, we sent out actual axes. That kind of invitation did not go by unnoticed, and the message achieved its goal. We took great care that all information that you need is easy to find on our web page. We have been noticed in almost all Slovenian magazines (Delo, Zvezde, Dnevnik, Večer, Lady, Ona, Suzy, Nedelo… newspapers, on TV news, radio programs, blogs ….

We are extremely proud that we were featured as a must-see at Adria Inflight magazine as well as in Easyjet inflight magazine!

Axe throwing satisfies a nostalgic yearning for a supposedly simpler past with a form of entertainment that is refreshingly removed from technology. It allows cooped-up, stressed-out urban people to socialise and get out their frustrations in a safe environment. That’s why Axe throwing become one of the hottest trends in group activities.

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