Shaping Memories – The Chedi Luštica Bay Grand Opening


Basic Event Information

Date: 18.08.2018.
Location: Luštica Bay/Montenegro
Organizer: M2Communications
Client: Luštica Bay
Event type: Conceptual Event

EVENT CATEGORY: B2B – Best ceremony

Event description and key objectives

Our task was to organize the grand opening of The Chedi Luštica Bay Hotel and Luštica Bay Marina, which are part of the biggest greenfield project in Montenegro and the region. A well-organized team of more than 150 people from several countries had been working for months to turn the concept design for the grand opening of the first luxury town complex of this kind on the Adriatic coast into an amazing and unforgettable experience that visitors will remember for the rest of their lives.

Construction of a 400 m² floating stage, which took us more than 20 days to complete. That was the biggest stage of that kind, 14 meters high, with state of the art light and sound effects, authentic decorative setting, as well as the show that lasted late into the night, which positioned this party as the number one event of the season.


Key challenges

This event was more than filled with specific challenges, especially in technical, logistics and creative department.

1. Constructing the floating stage, which took us more than 20 days to complete. The stage of a 400 m², 14 meters high, was the biggest stage of that kind. We equipped it with state-of-the-art light and sound effects, authentic decorative setting. Show on the stage lasted late into the night and positioned this party as the number one event of the season.

2. Redesigning the Marina area so it could host more than 1,500 guests.

3. Creating 4 hours of the continuous, authentic entertainment program, amusing and enjoyable enough for all the guests.


Creating a brand new legend based on old stories, tales and myths that are connected to the creation of Luštica Bay as it is today. The “Shaping Memories“ concept, incorporating typical motifs, legends and tradition of this part of Montenegro, coupled with ideas to build a luxury complex at Luštica Bay, which would blend perfectly with pristine nature. All this served as an inspiration for designing the grand opening of “The Chedi Luštica Bay Hotel and Marina“ event.



This project was marked by a couple of innovations. One of those was a 400m² floating stage, 14 meters high, where the main event took place. The main innovation was to build a 400 m2 floating stage that would host more than 100 people, including technical equipment, LED screens, structures, etc. Another innovation included audiovisual effects that had never been seen before, and the last but not the least, 20 international performers and a special guest star



This memorable event, praised as the best one in 2018, took more than two months to organize, in which more than 150 people, technicians, logistics, designers were involved. This number did not include performers, dancers and guest stars. Apart from the people who were involved in this project, we had more than 200 visual devices.

Measurable results

More than 1,500 guests shared their experience via social networks, reporting about the event of the season

• Over 20 media (both local and foreign) representatives joined the “Shaping Memories“ event
• The total PR value in TV, print and web media reached the sum of around 250,000 EUR
• Hotel occupancy in the period after the grand opening until the end of October was over 90%.



The grand opening of The Chedi Luštica Bay Hotel and Luštica Bay Marina was covered by all relevant media, both national and international.

Since Luštica Bay was the biggest tourism project in Montenegro worth more than 1 billion euros, information about such a huge project and its opening had to be extensively disseminated, which is why communication tools were chosen carefully. As a result of the hard work of the PR team, great media success was achieved, including print media, radio, TV, social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.)


The use of sustainable practices

Because of the specific location, at the seaside, we were extremely cautious when it comes to nature, sea life and pollution in general. Besides ecology, our goal was to offer all the guests and locals alike new experiences of this destination, through the content created specifically for Luštica Bay, while respecting the local culture and heritage through music and dance.

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