This Changes Everything


Basic Event Information

Date: 29.11.2018
Location: Ljubljana, VIBA studios
Organizer: NEW MOMENT

EVENT CATEGORY: CATEGORY B2B – Best Product or Service Launch

Event description and key objectives

IQOS 3, the most advanced heated tobacco system ever created by Philip Morris International was scheduled to be launched in Slovenia in 2018. IQOS 3 is an achievement of science, technology and modern design. It’s actually an artwork by itself. Therefore, the business event for launching the new product was created as an artistic experience. The scenery was not merely a decoration, but an art installation. Music was not a concert, but a sound performance. Food was an expression of culinary inspiration, not only catering. It was not just an event; it was a sensorial experience for all the senses.

The event was a tribute to the new IQOS 3, the latest version of the innovative IQOS system which heats tobacco instead of burning it, and presents a better alternative to cigarette smoking. To honor such clear vision and passion Philip Morris Ljubljana presented their business partners with a sensorial journey in an evening full of unexpected moments leading them on a path to the smokeless future. Faster, better and more advanced than the previous device, IQOS 3 is superbly designed and a piece of art by itself. The event for business partners was created as a tailor-made journey that starts at the event but does not end there.


Key challenges

This changes everything was the main theme of the event. And this bold statement needed to be proved. The key challenge was how to incorporate and address all senses in different performances by numerous Slovenian artists. The event needed to be the journey for all the senses. The main venue reveals to the guests a futuristic audio-visual world creating an immersive experience and provoking all of their senses.



Various artists managed to create an event that was a celebration of senses by creatively using different art forms. A futuristic audio-visual world was an immersive experience for the guests, provoking all of their senses.

Custom made scenography, installation in Sensorial Garden by famous artists JAŠA & Meta Grgurević, visual digital performance by graphic artist Mitja Bokun, Susnyara fashion show presented by Ljubljana Ballet Choir dancers, artistic food creations by top chefs Bine Volčič & Luka Jezeršek, flowers and plant installations by Marjan Lovšin. An impressive reveal of IQOS 3, shining new star was a hero fulfilling Philip Morris International promise of a better alternative and a clear message This changes everything.

In Sensorial Garden installation, music was performed live by artist JAŠA and the sound brought art into life. Laibach premiered with The Lonely Goatherd from The Sound of Music. After a powerful and epic reveal moment, DJ Ichisan took the listening stage.

Carefully selected fragrances in art installation garden were fresh and empowering. Culinary art pieces were made and presented with a delicious, subtle smell that dazzled the senses.

Culinary creations, celebrating food as an art form, were presented by famous chefs, Bine Volčič and Luka Jezeršek. Familiar tastes in unexpected shapes and culinary creations.

Guests were given the opportunity to touch, feel and discover the new IQOS 3, right after the reveal.


This changes everything was not an ordinary business event. It truly did change everything. The device itself, IQOS 3, is an innovation. An accomplishment of design and heat not burn technology is the next, advanced step towards smoke free future, that is a vision and dedication of Philip Morris International. Innovation was an event that was a mix of art, theater, concert, dance show, fashion show, culinary art and light show at the same time.

As unexpected for business events, artists were given free hands to express their concepts of unique sensorial experience and surprise the senses. Another innovation for business events was there was no main stage. There was no central stage, focus points changed across the studio, according to performances, artists and themes.

In words of Špela Marinčič, Manager B2B & Events, Philip Morris International: »Is KPI Laibach’s photo, taken in Sensorial garden by JAŠA and Meta Grgurević and later published in NY Times? Is KPI a guest, thanking you for an opportunity to watch ballerinas dance in SUSNYARA dresses? Is KPI a colleague’s comment about profiterole being salty instead of sweet, can you imagine SALTY? Is KPI us being able to organize such a big event in only 7 weeks while laughing a lot, loving what we do a lot and in the end being proud to pull it off so great? Yes, it is. For us, it definitely is.«



We were able to change everything with people who are so talented that they truly can make changes. And they did. Numerous highly talented artists, music performers who already making changes in the world, digital masters with latest advanced technology, culinary geniuses and dance professionals. It was a performance. Different artists playing together as one, synchronized play. The key players of the event and their performances that changed everything:

  • premiere of the new song, The Lonely Goatherd by Laibach,
  • sensorial garden art installation by artists JAŠA & Meta Grgurević,
  • premiere of the new fashion collection Anomalia by Sushnyara,
  • ballet dance performance & presentation of the new fashion collection,
  • interactive, live graphic performance by artist Mitja Bokun,
  • video and light art by Den Baruca,
  • music by DJ Ichisan,
  • Miha Krušič and F&B Acrobatics,
  • make up by Maja Šušnjara,
  • florist art by Marjan Lovšin,
  • culinary art created on venue by chefs Bine Volčič and Luka Jezeršek.

Measurable results

  • Response rate 81 %, even though we did not expose any content before the event.
  • Premiere of the new song, The Lonely Goatherd by Laibach.
  • Premiere of the new fashion collection Anomalia by Sushnyar.a
  • New York Times published a photograph of Laibach, taken at the event.
  • More than 15 artists with performance or installations.


The objective of the event was to impress; to become an innovative benchmark as the business event because of its uniqueness. Our statement “This changes everything” was fully justified.


The use of sustainable practices

For Philip Morris International sustainability is about creating long-term value while minimizing the negative externalities associated with our products, operations and responsible steps we take in daily life. Our vision associated with the newest device IQOS 3 was implemented in this event. While being futuristic, advanced and surprising it also had to follow our sustainability values and practices. We used screens and projections as part of art installations and as part of the scenography. We didn’t use any printed material; everything was digital and the main happening throughout the event was streamed to screens. With the screens, projections and lights we were able to change the venue into different spaces according to the event flow. So we didn’t need many scenography elements in physical form. All the technical gear, screens, projectors, displays and lights were rented; therefore re used. We did not recycle, since we didn’t create any waste.

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