Western Balkans Digital Summit


Basic Event Information

Date: 4/5.04.2019.
Location: Palace of Serbia
Organizer: M2Communications
Client: Government of Serbia
Event type: Conceptual Event

EVENT CATEGORY: CATEGORY B2B – Best Association Conference, Congress

Event description and key objectives

The biggest digital summit that gathered six leading economies of Western Balkans at the monumental Palace of Serbia building.

The Summit brought together representatives of governments, businesses, regional organizations, CSOs, the academic community, and the youth, with the aim of setting up a digital platform for an exchange of ideas and proposals. Six economies joined forces and set a new standard for organization of such events, through a synergy of over 200 speakers, 1,000 people in production, and 4,000 participants.

For the first time ever, the grand hall was darkened, transforming the space for an extraordinary hi-tech experience that started with a magnificent opening scene. The conference, which was held in the two-story space at the Palace of Serbia (“SIV“ building), required the biggest and most significant project solutions.



Modifying the existing space at the Palace of Serbia to create a brand new digital environment. Designing an interesting content that will captivate the audience in conference rooms throughout the summit. In parallel with defining the content, our team of designers was working on creating a visual solution for a complete visual identity of Serbia Digital Week, as well as redesigning the WBDS logo.

In parallel with organizing the event, our team designed two brand new websites where it applied a plethora of creative and functional solutions, as well as new logos designed exclusively for this event. Along with planing the event, our team developed and completely designed two websites which followed the events at the Palace of Serbia – Serbia Digital Week and Western Balkans Digital Summit. The WBDS web page was published and launched one month ahead of the event, while the SDW web page was published one week ahead of the event.



Several innovative elements were used at the event:

  • Opening performance – Scenic audio visual spectacle of summit opening – custom performance of special guest from London -TITAN THE ROBOT followed by light, laser and audio effects.
  • Fun segment was an important part of the summit, and with the help of TITAN THE ROBOT, it was brought to a higher level. During conference breaks, the robot had an interactive performance and was taking photos with guests, and this was covered by all social media.
  • Development of a special installation at the salon:
    IMMERSIVE ROOM – this complex installation called for a perfect match between the set design, audio and visual effects. The salon was transformed into a “white room”, to which sculpted geometrical forms were added. By special programming and coordinating of four projectors, a unique 3D visual effect was created for each visitor of the room.


Organization of the event that was remembered as the best one in 2019. It took more than two months, more than 150 people, technicians, logistics and designers. This number did not include performers, dancers and guest stars. Apart from the people that took part in this project, we had more than 200 visual devices.


Measurable results

  • More than 1.500 guests shared their experience via social networks, reporting about the event of the season
  • Over 30 media representatives (both local and foreign) joined the WBDS – Western Balkans Digital Summit 2019
  • The total PR value in TV, print and web media reached the sum of around one milion EUR


Numerous connections were established between visitors and foreign delegations thanks to which they have exchanged experiences, knowledge in digital technologies, innovations in digital world and international trends. The event was covered by both national and regional media. News about the event were also communicated via the official website of the summit, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.