Underwater Art


Basic Event Information

Date: 1 August 2019 – 16 August 2019
Location: Tivat Bay, Montenegro
Organizer: M2Communications
Client: Porto Montenegro
Event type: Field trip

EVENT CATEGORY: B2C | Best Brand Activation

Event description and key objectives

Porto Montenegro and M2Communications have created a unique underwater exhibition. By engaging world-renowned visual artist Luka Radojevic, visitors were given an opportunity to dive into the secrets of ancient times. This collection of sculptures called ”Time” reflects human needs, aspirations, fears, expectations, hopes – pointing to the development path of human civilization from ancient times to the present. The delight began from the moment of leaving the coast by speedboat, with the guide presenting the motives and ideas that preceded this experimental concept. Trained divers have guided visitors to the bottom of the Tivat Bay and enabled them to open their senses to centuries of change in human civilization and evolution. The main objective of the event was to provide an extraordinary experience to the most important clients of Porto Montenegro – members of the Owners Club. This event was intended to justify the main slogan and motto of Porto Montenegro – Life less ordinary and to point out the possibility of experiencing unique and outstanding moments.


Key challenges

Project implementation and monitoring processes were as much of a challenge as just enjoying this original art, which gives a whole new perspective on the notion of artistic space. All the exhibits were made of wood and, in order to protect them, they were coated with an eco-emulsion made of natural materials. Transportation and placement of the figures at five to twelve feet of depth became a special adventure. Also, the unpredictable and unreached nature, as well as the participants that were really hard to impress were the main challenges, motivation, and specificities that have given the event a special significance.



The event itself was an idea out of the box – a concept that proves that we can achieve an exceptional experience and effects relying only on our limitless creativity. Inspired by the region, the Adriatic coast, we dared to combine an art exhibition with the diving experience. The best way to experience the artwork collection named “Time” was to present it in a place of perfect tranquillity and silence still full of adventure and excitement.


The initial idea and brief of the client were that they wanted to do something special and unusual for the members of their Owners club. They were ready to go beyond the boundaries and do something unprecedented and face the biggest challenge so far. The unusual and extraordinary location is something that definitely marked this event, and has never been done in this region, so far. We have transformed the experience of art into the art of experience.


The agency was the main service provider with its internal organization. We engaged world-renowned visual artist Luka Radojevic who designed and produced the exhibition, especially for this occasion. Also, one of the most important subcontractors was a team of professional divers and skippers who were in charge of water logistics and underwater tours. All the artworks were placed on the concrete bases and carefully transported to the exhibition location. Under the sea, the artworks were placed on the natural underwater cascades at depths from 5 to 12 meters. Visitors were transported by speedboats to the dive site, while the curator provided information on the artist and the fascinating story behind the artwork collection concept. At the site, professional divers gave visitors basic training and diving instructions.

Measurable results

The event was organized only for carefully selected guests who had the opportunity to participate in this experience. The result that speaks most to the success of the event is a word of mouth – over 150 enthusiastic participants through whom this story continues to live to the present day.


The event was communicated internally to the members of the Owners club from Porto Montenegro’s marketing department.

The use of sustainable practices

Montenegro’s natural beauty has remained pristine for over two millennia and it is the mission of UNESCO, Porto Montenegro, and the local municipality to uphold this responsibility for future generations. Given the client’s mission, our team relied on the policies of preserving the environment and the culture and approached the conceptualization with great attention. In order to preserve the sculptures in water for more than 20 days, all the sculptures were coated with a special biodegradable emulsion made of natural materials. The emulsion, colours, and materials that were used for the event provided a high level of protection of seawater and marine biodiversity.


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