In bed with the storytellers: Žiga Novak



“Just like bedtime stories that we used to listen to as children, every event creates and shares its own story. A well-told story is an event where the narrator and the listener meet, where the participant and the speaker form a personal bond.”

Before you come to Conventa Crossover, a hybrid conference for everyone, who wants to learn, socialize and exchange ideas in an informal, relaxed environment, the organisers wanted you to meet the speakers (or storytellers as they like to call them). Don’t worry if you can’t make it to Ljubljana on 27 August 2020, you can join the conference virtually.

Žiga Novak

Founder of the Walnut Grove Group

Q: How are we going to organize events in the future?

We need to fight for live events with everything we’ve got! It’s a basic human need (and right), a fundamental element of democracy and much more. On the other hand, we will need to become better prepared for hosting virtual events that will helps us overcome any challenges that unpredictable future holds for us.

Q: What is your love story with the world of events?

It was a love at first sight at the university and we married soon after graduating. Initially, I have loved events primarily for providing me the shortest way to entrepreneurship and freedom. Along the way, they have become much more: an amazing opportunity to create, learn and grow as a person and business owner. 15 years later, it’s still a love marriage. 😊

Q: In your opinion, what is live marketing’s best advantage vs online?

The advantages are so many that it would be wrong to name just one. Live events are about the freedom of movement and the energy of people in the room or any physical space. About the vibrating sounds, planned and unplanned. About the opportunity to touch people, if only by mistake or to shake hands 😊. And smells, especially smells.

Q: What are you bringing to Conventa Crossover and why should an attendee not miss your session?

Come and see how the most unlikely team of people is learning to embrace the potential of virtual events😊.

Q: What do you expect from the event?

I look forward to see what the hive mind of the event professionals will bring about in such an extraordinary moment in time.


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