First Autumn Allergology Days


Basic Event Information

Date: 19-21 November 2020
Location: ONLINE
Organizer: Mercury97 Conferences&Events
Client: Bulgarian Society of Allergology
Event Type: Online conference

EVENT CATEGORY: DIGITAL EVENTS | Online Events – Online Conference

Event description and key objectives

In the next few years, medical innovations will fundamentally revolutionize the healthcare system, with the goal of improving peoples’ quality of life. This year’s Conference motto suggests that the society will not only present state-of-the-art knowledge in allergy and clinical immunology but will go beyond this, bridging it with the most contemporary, inspiring and creative processes and ideas diffused and adapted to the needs of patients.

Key objectives were:

  • program, scope and plan of the conference
  • technology assesment and procurement
  • event identity and design
  • attendee registration and communication
  • content and speaker preparation
  • virtual technology
  • attendee engagement
  • maximising results

Key challenges

  • Determine the budget in terms of expectations
  • Content strategy
  • Format of sessions
  • To achieve the goals and reach the audience  
  • Identify the speakers and invest in it
  • Choose the right platform for the virtual event
  • Ensure technology knowledge and delivery
  • Encourage the audience
  • Get creative with a theme and visual identity


The creativity is in the visual identity of the event: music, videos, graphics, animation. We have created engaging content: prepared speakers, virtual exhibitions and appointments, brainstorming and interactive discussions. We mapped the attendee journey across the lifecycle of the event: invitations, registration process, web site. We had a live studio and created a high value with stage design and the whole environment.


Modern times also foster the revival of the old definition of innovation as a synonym for rebellion or revolt. Change is not only about embracing new ideas but also about leaving outdated ones behind, and what better opportunity to do so than taking part in this completely new format of Allergology Conference? The interactive sessions and discussions designed to match the expectations of all participants will provide a platform to stimulate the creativity of a lot of delegates, and the high-throughput screening of viable solutions using the innovative digital format.

Choosing the right platform – CVENT we have conducted in the best way our online conference.


  • Determined our budget and clear content strategy
  • Created format of the sessions
  • Chose the right platform
  • Identified the speakers
  • Designed the event
  • Installed live studio with high-quality technical equipment
  • Virtual exhibitions with key industry experts exchanged knowledge on critical areas of development and research in allergy
  • Sent invitations to the attendees to register for the event
  • Ensured technology knowledge
  • Prepared for technology glitches
  • Ensured technical support to prevent and manage A/V challenges to be focused on the content
  • Encouraged audience participation and engagement
  • Solicited feedback as a way to make improvements
  • Followed up with our audience to stay connected
  • Analyzed reporting and gained insights

Measurable results

The conference managed to reach the audience and encouraged participation and engagement. We have made our event convenient, engaging and personalised as possible.  We have received congratulations for the organisation from both sponsors and attendees.  We are inspired for our long term strategy to continue organising events not only face to face, but in digital format, as well.


We have been always in communication with out client, attendees, suppliers. Without it we would have not reached our goals and to have such a great success of our digital event. Stay always connected with your client and audience!

The use of sustainable practices

As the expectations on corporate responsibility increase, and as transparency becomes more prevalent, companies are recognizing the need to act on sustainability. Professional communications and good intentions are no longer enough. The event executed in digital area,  we were energy efficient, water efficient and reduced waste

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