“Miss You Mom!”


Basic Event Information

Date: 3 May 2020
Location: Hungary (ONLINE & LIVE)
Organizer: Bo – Live Branding Agency
Client: BMW Group Magyarország, MOL Magyarország
Event Type: CSR


Event description and key objectives

Many people found themselves in difficult situations because of COVID-19. We joined forces with partners and delivered 1000 flower bouquets and gifts on Mothers’ day to those who really needed it with a free, Covid-safe solution.


Key challenges

On March 16, 2020, a ban on events came into force in Hungary thus the event industry was paralyzed, putting many agencies and suppliers in a difficult situation. Customers, suppliers, and colleagues, all suffered from the uncertainty. We wanted to give our staff some work, to give suppliers the opportunity to feel useful, and at the same time to show our customers that we still exist and have a positive view of the future.

  • First goal: to help at least 1000 people in need to celebrate their mothers and grandmothers.
  • To show our staff and colleagues in the event industry (about 50 people) that it’s possible to use your creativity and work even in the current extreme circumstances. To give motivation and meaning to the work after the previous 1.5 months of extreme restrictions.
  • To set an example for companies in difficult situations that we don’t give up, that we can even help those in worse situations with our creative solutions.
  • To show our existing clients (15 companies) that our agency is ready for the new challenges; let’s create an opportunity to communicate with them.
  • To reach at least 1 new potential customer by presenting our concept.
  • To stand out from the competition, and let’s do what we do best. We organize events and do live communication.
  • And to produce it all with a minimal budget.


Hungary imposed stay-at-home restrictions on March 28, 2020. Some people lost their jobs and found themselves in difficult situations, even more difficult than those of us in the event industry. Most people were unable to meet their parents or grandparents who belong to the vulnerable age group for months. Mothers’Day was around the corner so we decided to help those who had no possibility to greet their parents because of the difficult situation.

We created a free COVIDSAFE gift delivery service for Mother’s Day with the financial assistance of our partners and the help of our subcontractors working in the event industry who offered their physical and own in-house assistance



Through the website, 1000 registrants had the possibility to send a gift package (flowers, magazines, sweets, postcards with a personal message) to mothers and grandmothers, with the guarantee of contactless delivery in compliance with health recommendations and regulations.

Influencers created unique content (e.g., song, poem) for the FB and IG sites of the campaign that could also be shared in social media to greet mothers. On Mothers’ Day weekend, we delivered all the packages in 2 days. We continuously showed stories of the preparation and the delivery through our channels and as a follow-up we presented the campaign through our social media channels, printed media and TV.


We created a free COVIDSAFE gift delivery service for Mother’s Day with the financial assistance of our partners and the help of our subcontractors working in the event industry who offered their physical and own in-house assistance.


Measurable results

The result exceeded all our expectations!

  • Total Costs: 11.000 Euro
  • 5800 site visit in 1 day
  • 1000 gift registration in less than 24 hours
  • 70 volunteers delivered the gifts in 2 days
  • 400 settlements were reached
  • 20 companies joined our initiative.
  • 30.000+ people were reached through IG
  • 144.000 people were reached through FB
  • 15+ influencers joined the campaign
  • 33.000+ views by the most-watched influencer
  • 30.000 views by the after movie link
  • 3000+ people were reached through LinkedIn
  • Video presentation for 10 clients, contact  and video presentation to 2 new potential clients.
  • 1 new project thanks to „Miss You, Mom!” campaign
  • 30+ media appearances
  • Live interviews on 2 national TV channels
  • More than 100 letters of thanks


The target audience was addressed through the social media channels of the agency and our partners. We used on/offline media as well for the campaign.

  • Website: https://www.hianyzolanyu.hu
  • FB and IG: https://www.facebook.com/hianyzolanyu, https://instagram.com/hianyzolanyu
  • Social media sites of the agency and partners (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin),
  • Branded materials (clothes of the couriers)
  • PR: Publications, articles in the professional press and other online/offline media, videos, animations, influencers

The use of sustainable practices

We planned our routes, with a special “delivery planning program”, which helped us to deliver with the least possible fuel consumption. During the organizational process, we used less paper.


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