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Every year, Conventa Crossover invites world-renowned meeting planners, marketers, entrepreneurs, and creatives to share their knowledge in Ljubljana, Slovenia. This year won’t be any different –  inspiring individuals who have helped co-create and transform the meetings industry will come together from 26 to 27 August 2021. At the same time, we will be opening the stage to a new generation of young and talented meeting planners and marketers. You will learn from keynote speakers who have successfully transformed their events and are recognized as the pioneers of our new reality.

Joining the 6th Conventa Crossover conference is Angeles Moreno, Founder & Managing Partner of the Creative dots, Spain. Before you meet her at Conventa Crossover 2021, we wanted to hear her thoughts on the future of the meetings industry and see what surprises she has in store for us.

Interview with Angeles Moreno

Q: What do you think about the theme of this year’s Crossover – The Meetings Industry AC/BC (After Corona/Before Corona)?

I find it a creative play on the oft-mentioned terms BC & AC that puts a smile on my face when I read it in the program of the event. I hope you will not use their music as torture during the event, as the US military did in 1989! And now seriously… It is highly interesting to be aware of the changes that this pandemic is going to bring and open a healthy conversation around it, and how it is going to modify our existence. I can’t imagine a better place to learn about this new reality than at Conventa Crossover. A date on the calendar not to be missed!

Q: What is your forecast for the meetings industry in the coming year (2022) and beyond? 

I am sure that the event, as a marketing tool, will become even more important than before in organizations, because human gatherings will become vital, now more than ever. 

But these events are going to be different, they will be omnichannel, we will have to have the necessary criteria, based on evidence and not feelings, to choose formats and investments, which will require them to be strategically designed, aligned with companies’ goals and marketing objectives and above all aligned with the urgent needs to transform the behavior of main stakeholders. 

This is an era of opportunity brought about by the demand for professional development in the meetings industry like never before. Because organizations will need global, cross-cutting event strategies, with measurable impact and legacy.

Q: How do you envision agility and innovation in overcoming the corona crisis? Can you share some examples of best practices?

prioritizing innovation today is the key to unlocking postcrisis growth

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of life, from the personal (how people live and work) to the professional (how companies interact with their customers, how teams interact and stay productive, how customers choose and purchase products and services, how supply chains deliver products/services). Many businesses simply cannot operate as they have in the past. What made a company successful historically may no longer be possible during or after the crisis. 

However, the decline in focus on innovation is evident across every industry, the sole exception is pharmaceuticals and medical products, where an almost 30-percent increase in the immediate focus on innovation is seen (source: McKinsey Innovation through Crisis Survey April 2020) 

Business models have to adapt to new market realities and new human needs, and the meetings industry is still dormant and needs to wake up to elevate the conversation about events and meetings within organizations and keep those strategic conversations at a c-level.

Q: How would you comment on the following statement? “Corona-crisis has shown the need to organize events that are responsible to the environment, the participants and the community as a whole”

Of course, events must not only be responsible to the environment and to the participants and the community as a whole. Events must have a strong purpose that brings value and behavioral transformation to all their main stakeholders. Well-designed events have the power to lead change and we cannot ignore this.

We are talking about events 2.0 and “the time is now” more than ever.

Q: What will you surprise us with at this year’s event?

We are working on exclusive content and conversations about data-driven corporate event strategy, human behavior prediction and ROI that we will provide to the event attendees. Something highly innovative that will transform the conversation about events from now to the future. 

We are looking forward to traveling to Slovenia at the end of August to participate in Conventa Crossover!

About Angeles
Author of the book “The Time Is Now” and nominated as one of the TOP 100 most influential female leaders in Spain, Angeles Moreno is recognized expert in Corporate Event Strategy and in guiding organizations achieve strategic change and unite company stakeholders in a common vision. Angeles works on corporate event strategy development and implementation across organizational hierarchies, service and product sells and customer experiences.

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