Launch of Porsche Digital Croatia


Basic Event Information

Date: September 8th 2020
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Organiser: Komunikacijski laboratorij d.o.o.
Client: Infinum

EVENT SUBCATEGORY: Best Corporate Convention / B2B

Event description and key objectives

Infinum is a leading Croatian IT company for software design and development. In mid-2020, they completed negotiations with Porsche Digital, a digital subsidiary of the German sports car manufacturer Porsche, and established a joint venture, Porsche Digital Croatia. As this is a very competitive market with a noticeable lack of skilled professionals, Infinum’s goal was to present Porsche Digital Croatia to the business and media community, position the newly established company as a desirable employer and strengthen its image and reputation. We designed and implemented the creative concept of presenting Porsche Digital Croatia through an event on September 8, 2020, for 100 guests – business partners, prominent members of the tech community and media. Event was organized at The Garden Brewery because this space provided us with atmosphere and logistics we needed for the event and also, we were able to follow all required epidemiological restrictions at that point.


Key challenges

Our key challenge during organization of this event was to fulfil as much of the client’s requirements and follow all epidemiological measures. Therefore, we prepared in detail three possible versions of the event – live, hybrid and online. We waited to the last possible moment to see which version we will implement. Luckily, we were able to organize an event for 100 people, with participants coming from Germany.



From creative point of view, we wanted to create surrounding that is most welcoming for the target groups – IT segments, Germans, and media representatives. So, we decided to combine burgers and beer. We wanted to show great business venture that is created by creative people who know how to relax and enjoy life. This was also important from the employer branding point of view. This is why for the location of the event we chose The Garden Brewery – through the venue we were able to communicate the image of the company.


We managed to attract all targeted audiences to the event without implementation of any innovations during the preparation and execution of the event.


For this event biggest effort and longest time took preparation of tree different concepts, so we would be ready for any situation related to epidemiological restrictions. Setup of the event was done the night before and the technical rehearsal was done in the morning before the event. Event started at 11:00 AM. During the official part, instead of welcome speeches, we made a conversation between the host of the event, Ida Prester, and company representatives. This way we created more dynamic content, compared to classical speeches. After the official part, media took statements and interviews and guest continued networking. Event ended at 13:30, as planned. In total team of 11 people took to prepare and execute this event.


Measurable results

Due to epidemiological restrictions, targeted number of guests was 70, but at the end we had over 90 guests, due to large response from media.


Only in the first week after the event, the success story reached 5 TV shows and 9.21 minutes in prime time. We generated an additional 15 minutes on HRT, which is event more with reruns included. More than 80 online publications and 10 print articles were published during the first 2 days after the event. Story reached more than 500.000 of online audience members with more than 300 mentions. Renowned editors through columns and reviews of 2020 recognized Infinum and Porsche Digital Croatia as the news of the year, and Infinum as one of the companies leading positive changes.

The use of sustainable practices

Since we were lucky enough that representatives of Porsche Digital were able to attend the event live, they decided to arrive from Germany in electric car, Porsche Taykan, in order to minimize their carbon footprint related to organization of this event.

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