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Basic Event Information

Date: 15 and 16 September 2020
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
Organiser: Eldan Productions
Client: Bynet

EVENT SUBCATEGORY: Best Corporate Convention / B2B

Event description and key objectives

The event was held for two days. The first day was an event for the company’s employees and a day later was held for the company’s customers. The goals were clear: to provide a respite from the situation outside (covid-19), to provide a job for the entertainment industry that sat at home, and to market the company in the best way in between lockdowns from Covid-19.

Key challenges

The challenges of course were Covid-19 and its constantly changing procedures protocols from the government. The event dates, lockdowns, facial masks, hand sanitizers, health check stands, number and age of participants, check in and tickets and of course capsules. All of those had a new protocol and were changing by the minute.


Pre-event required us to think outside the box regarding the invitation and registration process. We also had to invent a new method of dividing the guests arrival to the venue. Furthermore, because of the restrictions we had to distribute food and beverages in a whole new way – reusable boxes.


The way we invited the guests to the events, how we communicated the event, monitoring and distributing, the entrances to the event and live performances of artists on stage was brand new and needed a brand new look on things.


  • Maintaining social distancing among all guests and workers by obeying the Covid-19 laws, without damaging the event itself.
  • Capsule crowd distribution.
  • Managing extra entrances to the venue with pre-registration tickets including sorting the crowd to recovered / vaccinated participants, by time of arrival, facial mask and hand sanitizer. 
  • Stage line up and stage preparations.
  • Staff guidance and instructions to work as a Covid-19 supervisor.
  • Cleaning and purifying artists equipment in between line up.

Measurable results

  • First result was immediate: after the event took place, the event industry in Israel learned it as a case study when it comes to crowed management in Covid 19 situation.
  • Total amount of attendee who registered and came to the events.
  • The fact we got the clearance from the government and law officials to hold the events.
  • The way the crowd enter the venue without any delays and still holding social distancing.
  • And of course the good feedback we got from the client and suppliers.


Save the date, event website, WhatsApp messaging and instructions, barcode ticking (no-touch method) and all according to Covid-19 new protocols.

The use of sustainable practices

We used perishables for the food and beverages distribution Designed and packaged with environmentally preferable materials.

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