Re-Act Annual Conference


Basic Event Information

Date: 15 April 2021
Location: Live & Online
Organiser: CREATIVE PRO s.r.o.
Client: Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions Slovakia


Event description and key objectives

RE-ACT was an internal meeting organized for employees of DT ITSO SK. In turbulent times we experience nowadays, our client recognized the crucial need to keep the staff informed about the company strategy and goals. However, what used to be a series of internal meetings held for several groups was transformed into one unique hybrid event.


  • The client´s vision was to tailor the brand new format of the event that would combine several all-staff meetings – delivering several messages to three audience groups. At the time, many employees found themselves struggling with the challenging circumstances of the long-lasting home office. Our client decided to respond to their needs by adding a new motivational and inspirational perspective to the format. The new form and name of the conference should reflect both the ambition to react to numerous challenges and boost the motivation of the employees.
  • We decided to meet the client´s objectives by placing the focus on crafting new technological solutions and maximizing the added value of user experience. Our goal was also to develop the highest possible proximity between the viewer and the speakers. Considering the scope of internal-based topics, we wanted the audience members to have the opportunity to engage in discussion

Key challenges

How to create one conference with several target audience. How to create boosted and engaging event. 



  • All staff meeting for all employees with 3 streams.
  • By creating such unique technical solutions we moved the regular all-staff meeting to a new level of the event – the first company internal conference. 
  • Having this in mind, the goal for event dramaturgy was to exceed the „regular“ all-staff meeting program by inviting a world-class speaker, subject matter experts from the company, showcasing the company solutions and add value by hosting two talk shows within the event. The variety of conference programs included strategy presentations, keynote speeches, internal case studies, informal q&a with the board of management, a talk show with guest speakers, and three in-depth subject proposals. 
  • Last but not least, we added a focus-based competition for employees. The series of random numbers were displayed during the course of the conference motivating the viewer to pay attention.


Innovation of Technical Solutions & User Experience  Technical Solutions:

  • In order to maximize the effectiveness and innovative outcome of the event we built (solely for this event,) three separate stages, with separate sound and lights systems. Our technical solutions enabled us to air several content streams at the same time.
  • The extraordinary aspect of this event was that we crafted the way how the messages were delivered to three audience groups without them noticing any difference. The unique value of this event was that the conference program was firstly streamed to all employees and later we separated the program to three individual streams to three groups of audience. If you would watch the conference from  three computers, having access to all streams you could watch three different contents at the same time. However, the experience of the audience member was not altered.


We designed an all-day virtual event to stream 3 different program blocks simultaneously for 3 different target groups from one platform. Each Program was full of inspirational keynote speakers, interviews, and competitions.

Our virtual platform was packed with content and boosted with engagement tools. All of that led to beautiful interactions and engagement.   


Measurable results

We received 257 questions from 1600 attendees, 11 polls and 15 quizzes with 545 active attendees. In total, our engagement score reached 4194. And compared to a live event? It was a tremendous success! 90% more participants, 110% more interactions. Nothing makes all staff meetings more meaningful than great engagement of your employees and management who naturally interact with speakers and each other during the whole event.



The conference was communicated via several channels, mostly within internal mail communication. Each employee member received several information emails about the event taking place, describing the program and conference strategic goals. 

The use of sustainable practices

Hybrid event

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