Art of together

Basic Event Information

Date: 23 June 2022
Location: Twin City B, Bratislava, Slovakia
Organiser: CREATIVE PRO s.r.o.

EVENT SUB-CATEGORY: Best Corporate Convention

Event description and key objectives

HB Reavis is an international workspace provider with a mission to create remarkable experiences through real estate solutions.IN HB REAVIS they believe that every working person has the right to a modern workplace that supports personal development, reduces stress and has a positive effect on health. In their buildings and offices, they strive to improve people’s health and well-being through human-centered design through their services. They wanted to present their services for their tenancies and support the idea of togetherness through the art as they feel their services are designed as art. Thatswhy we decided to create an art installation in their free offices and each installation was created by famous Slovak artists that were lined with the type of service from HB REAVIS. Objectives: 1. Present additional services 2. Get together with tenants 3.

Key challenges

How to bring tenants of rented offices together and present them additional services?


Creative instalation and unexpected use of space with name Art of together. A concept representsed art mastrepieces which supported themes of services. Symbiosis and Štefan Sekáč The art of harmonizing the seemingly irreconcilable A healthy working environment is a mixture of various well-coordinated elements that can harmonize modern and smart technologies. We also tested them on distant Mars. Wellbeing and Patrícia Koyšová The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. Greenery, design, architecture, psychology, water, air… All elements point to one – they inspire and create a feeling of well-being. Just like art. Origameo and Street Art Academy The Japanese art of origami in a work environment Origameo specialists are masters of even the smallest details and subtleties that you might not even think of. The psychology of colors, but also of materials, innovative procedures, but also fundamental knowledge More is in charge of the art of a carefree working day.


We chose the free space as a live gallery , a medium to communicate the services.


From 780 m2 became a live gallery a medium to present services for tenants which boosts passion for art and understanding value of offered services. Also, it unites the group of tenants.

Measurable results

  • The awesome connection between an art installation and presented services.
  • Boosted energy of tenants.
  • Feeling togetherness and honor to be there.
  • 720m2 became a live gallery, a medium for communication


Direct invitation for tenants.

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