Disney + launch

Basic Event Information

Date: 14 June 2022
Location: Mimara museum and the Croatian Journalists’ Association
Organiser: Komunikacijski laboratorij
Client: The Walt Disney Company

EVENT SUB-CATEGORY: Best Product or Service Launch

Event description and key objectives

Disney+ is a streaming platform owned by Disney Media and Entertainment Distribution of The Walt Disney Company. Considering the big competitors, Disney decided to celebrate the arrival on Croatian market. We spread the news in a creative way by organizing a 3D mapping event an additional press reception for journalists and influencers. The launch was held on June 14th, 2022. Part of the event was for the public in front of the Mimara Museum where everyone could see what Disney+ platform offers. For a selected few the event continued from 8pm. in the Croatian Journalists’ Association, across the street from Mimara, where the guests also had a view on the projections from the balcony. At Mimara characters and scenes from Disney+ TV shows and movies like Frozen, Encanto, Grey’s anatomy and many others were displayed on the walls, while two domes were placed on the sides where hostesses presented the new platform and its rich content.

Key challenges

Considering the high expectations, the event was prepared for months, therefore various challenges appeared. Big challenges arose in terms of creativity and coordination with the client while respecting all guidelines and rules of a multinational giant such as The Walt Disney Company, as well as obtaining the necessary permits for the event where we would be displaying 3D mapping and socializing on public property. It was also challenging to organize an event during June because of the weather which is not something to control. Also, it wasn’t the only event in the city for journalists, which always raises the question of the response to the event, but the turnout was successful. One of the unexpected challenges that appeared at the last moment was COVID among the organizational team. But regardless of the overall situation with the enormous help of our colleagues, we managed to successfully organize the launch and deliver a high-quality product to our client.


Since the target audience were families with children and lifelong fans of the platform who are looking forward to it because of certain brands, we tried to introduce creative segments such as 3D mapping available to all invited guests, as well as random passers-by. The event at the Croatian Journalists’ Association had a creative interior, the house was decorated in Disney colors, with a lot of balloons, plasma screens showing content from the platform and even the bar itself was branded. Considering the target audience, the event showed how interesting the concept of 3D mapping is to the Croatian market, which was demonstrated by the great response to the presentation of the Disney+ platform in front of the Mimara Museum.


We consider the main element of the event to be the most innovative segment, which is 3D mapping and domes in front of it. On the front walls of the Mimara Museum, a promotional video was organized to raise awareness about the Disney+ platform. 3D mapping is a technology that combines the real world with the imaginary one, so various characters from well-known feature films and series were seen dancing, talking, and coming to life like Ana and Elsa (Frozen), Obi-Wan Kenobi (Star Wars), Bear Grylls, Jeff Goldbloom, Dory (Finding Dory), Steve Martin and Selena Gomez (Only murders in the building) and many others.


Organization of the launch required a lot of preparation and agreements and started a few months before the event itself. Preparations like choosing the location, creating a concept and defining goals started 3 months before, while on-site setup started the day before. During the evening, 3D mapping was displayed every 10 minutes on the walls of the museum showing famous characters that will be available on Disney+. We placed transparent domes designed as living room spaces where visitors could come and sit, rest, watch the content and socialize while hostesses showed the Disney+ service. From 8pm guests gathered at the Croatian Journalists’ Association, where they were greeted by a new interior decorated in Disney+ colors, and a branded press wall. Guests were welcomed by hosts, finger food was served, and there was a large cocktail bar. Guests could watch the content of the new platform on a large video wall and 6 plasma walls. Disney+ packages were distributed upon departure.

Measurable results

About 130 invited guests came to the Disney+ Launch event in the Croatian Journalists’ Association which was possible only with special invitation sent two weeks before the event. While the inner part of the event was closed, guests and passers-by could attend the 3D mapping screening as it was an open event on a public surface and the number of visitors is calculated between 2.500 to 3.000 visitors through the night.


The list of guests included large media houses, Croatian online portals and Croatian influencers interested in lifestyle and IT. Calculated PR value was around €500,000, and the total number of publications in earned coverage was 226. Approximate reach via broadcast was 18,500, for print 1,975,000, and 700,000 for the online versions. The largest media broadcast news including HRT (the national TV), 24 sata, Jutarnji list and Gloria.

The use of sustainable practices

In order to preserve the environment, we reduced printing for the purpose of the event, so the invitations for the closed part of the event at the Croatian Press House were sent online as well as all the materials sent to media.

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