Future Tense 2022

Basic Event Information

Date: 8 – 9 June 2022
Location: Lauba, Zagreb
Organiser: Komunikacijski laboratorij
Client: Komunikacijski laboratorij


Event description and key objectives

Future Tense is a business conference created by Komunikacijski laboratorij. The purpose of the Conference is to create added value for business sector in Croatia and region and create positive changes in our society. The goal of this project is to create a platform that serves for development of knowledge and trends of future. This was a second Future Tense, and it took place in Lauba, Zagreb on June 8 – 9, 2022. During the conference 6 topics were covered through lectures, panel discussions, and B2B talks. Topics were Future of Technology, Independent Thinking, Leadership, Governance, Sustainability, Work, Education and Tourism. After each keynote speaker, the topics were additionally discussed on panels where 30 professionals from business and academic community shared their views. Whole Conference was held in English, live streamed, and in total had more than 650 guests. The Conference was a remarkable success, and we got many positive reactions from our guests and partners.

Key challenges

The key challenge of the Conference was uncertainty related to COVID-19 pandemic. We started the preparation of the Conference in 2021 and until certain point were not sure will it, and under which conditions, be possible to organize live event. Also, for a few key speakers, coming from New Zealand and Hong Kong we were not sure will they be able to travel. Therefore, we set the date of the Conference in June, hoping that the effect of the pandemic will be reduced and that the restrictions will allow travels and organization of live event.


We’ve put most creativity in the scenography. We created big and imposing stage that dominated the space. Behind the stage we had the structure of five LED screens, that helped us present all the materials we wanted to communicate during the conference – presentations, live footage, and sponsors materials. With this stage, we wanted to put all the focus on the content of the conference – on the speakers and knowledge and messages they had to share. Every branding element was created following the branding standards of the Conference.


Since Future Tense is the conference about the future, we were trying to apply different innovative solutions in communication and execution. So we focused on digital communication via Go2Digital and social media channels. We created a win-win situation for our Conference, our partners and sponsors by creating short and dynamic online content where representatives of our sponsors communicated the conference and their key messages. At the live stream platform, we had the possibility for sponsors to communicate their messages, have live chats with the viewers and organize small prize games and quizzes. At the venue we had a modern-minimalistic approach, but to create a show, we changed the way speakers were coming to the main stage. Instead of typical entries where the speaker just comes to the stage, we had the camera following the speakers from the backstage, while coming to the stage and guests could see this on the main screen. This created a nice twist and an element of surprise.


The organization of the event itself started nine months before the event, and the on-site setup started the two days before the event. In a period of half a year, a team of eight people arranged sponsor cooperation’s and concluded line up of key speakers and other participants in the program. During this period, we introduced all key speakers via media partners. Last two months we finalized the scenography solution, created the script of the program, and briefed hosts, moderators, photographs, and technical support. Also, we created the content for live stream platform, visitors could participate with questions and comments via Sli.do app, and we prepared hospitality arrangements for the key speakers. During the conference, the team of 20 members coordinated all the elements of the program at the venue – speakers, registration, press centre, stage, backstage, live stream, photographs and camera mans, catering, and visitors.

Measurable results

The conference was visited by more than 500 guests at the venue and more than 150 viewers followed the program via live stream, and it welcomed guests from more than 10 countries and 4 continents. The Conference was also visited by 34 media representatives, and the Conference was covered by total of 253 publications in Croatian and regional media. The conference was supported by 13 sponsors, and 12 media partners. Conference was also organized under the patronage of President of the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, and Ministry of Tourism and Sport.


The Conference was strongly supported by PR and advertising campaign. We focused our communication on business, daily and specialized media outlets. Also, we continuously communicated via Future Tense social media channels – Facebook and LinkedIn. The program and news related to the Conference were communicated via web site and newsletter. Communication started about six months prior to the Conference and was constant during the Conference and still lasts now after the Conference. The Conference raised big interest in Croatian and regional media, so we had coverage by two largest national TV houses, HRT and Nova TV, and one regional TV house, Al Jazeera. Through our media partners we published stories and interviews with all our key speakers and sponsors of the Conference.

The use of sustainable practices

To follow the principles of sustainable business, we decided to organize a paperless conference, which had no paper materials. Tickets were sold digitally, and registration of the guests was also digital. Also, all the coffee capsules used during the Conference were sent for recycling.

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