Jägermeister x Lokomotiva

Basic Event Information

Date: 10 May 2022
Location: Peti Kupe, Zagreb
Organiser: Komunikacijski laboratorij
Client: G3 Spirits


Event description and key objectives

G3 Spirits is a long-standing company working with distilled spirits such as Jägermeister, a German digestif. Our goal was to create a story for the brand that will bring the client closer to current fashion movements, younger population and street art culture in a fun way. The event was a part of a larger project Meister the Lök by which we will address the target group – young urban people and its main customers: restaurants, cafes and bars. After a successful collaboration with Croatian fashion brand Lokomotiva by Lana Puljić we decided to connect for a creation of an event that would be an art show and a fun gathering where the main goals would be to promote a creative and rebellious denim jacket while telling Jägermeister’s story through high-quality production, innovative tools and storytelling. The event took place on May 10, 2022. in Peti Kupe from 7pm. The atmosphere was relaxing and entertaining and the space was decorated in line with today’s trends and pop culture.

Key challenges

During the event we encountered a few challenges such as how to connect Jägermeister, whose focus is approaching a young and urban audience, and the HoReCa channel which includes cafes, restaurants and bars as they are the main customers of Jägermeister. We achieved our goal by organizing this event. We brought together an urban brand Lokomotiva by Lana Puljić, which created a specially exhibited innovative jacket inspired by Jägermeister while adding an extra effect such as a pinball machine personalized in the name of Dorijan Skoblar, a famous Croatian bartender. Meister the Lök project brought together ambassadors, bartenders, fashion fanatics and many others in the fun surroundings and showed support for the HoReCa channel and urban culture. Since the story we wanted to tell was the one about strong alcohol, we knew it would be challenging to create media presence therefore the focus of the campaign and event was on the young designer Lana Puljić and the denim jacket she created.


Since the idea was a collaboration between a client and a fashion designer, the jacket that was made was very creative. Details such as buttons were aligned with the brand, and the back was open for personalization by a Croatian graffiti artist CHEZ 186. By choosing a denim jacket we wanted to show a link between streetstyle and Jägermeister – a rebellion. Instead of a fashion show, the jacket was displayed in a neon plexi box hanging from the ceiling. We paid a lot of attention to details, so parts of the jacket were also displayed with written stories related to them. Even the branded buttons and a small pocket for mini-Jägermeister were made. We had personalized pinball, cotton candy and sprays to create an urban interaction between guests and the brand. Urbanism was shown with details like chains and neon lights as decoration. After the event brand ambassadors and media received personalized boxes with 3 mini spirits delivered so they have a memory of the story they were part of.


We wanted to show the innovation by connecting online and offline world through the entire Meister the Lök project. We connected the offline segment of the physical jacket and event with the online world. We also connected all messages through different communication channels by creating personalized Instagram stickers and filters to make the content during the event more fun, which was done by digital agency Bamboo Lab. This way the project addressed- young people on the one hand, and bar and cafe owners on the other, positioning Jägermeister as an urban brand, as well as a brand which cares. We also included creativity during the design of accompanying elements at the event. We wanted to use pinball machines, so we decided to create a new pinball machine design and thus connect the classic element of pop culture with an urban event so that visitors could play a new unique game – Beat Dorijan Skoblar in his own game – mixology, or DJ duo Vanillaz in mixing records.


The preparation started 2 months prior to the event, and the composition on the day of the event started in the morning hours. The main emphasis was on the creative scenography which included neon cubes, chains, neon colors in the style of the brand and plasmas displaying the images from the promotional photoshoot of the jacket. The event started at 7 pm and lasted until 2 am, after which we stayed until 4 am to dismantle the set. Upon arrival, visitors were welcomed, took pictures next to the photo wall and went to the main area where the brand ambassadors Vanillaz playing a set of electronic music and the hostesses handed out popcorn and cotton candy. Given the relaxed energy of the event, guests danced to the beats of music, had fun, took photos and socialized after entering.

Measurable results

We had 250 guests at the event itself. During the entire campaign and preparation period 13 media articles and 2 TV interviews were published. Estimated media articles reach was 6,653,700 views and the estimated PR articles value was €37,830. During the event, 45 Stories on Instagram were published with a reach of 19,855 views.


Throughout the Meister the Lök project, we used all channels and tools available, combined online and offline. We connected with the target groups, both B2B and BC2 through the tools of social networks of influencers, social networks of clients, press releases and events. The main guests of the event were fans of street style and high fashion. Given that the event was of a closed nature and made mostly for fashion and music influencers, celebrities and the media, all major Croatian fashion portals such as Gloria Glam, Buro 24/7, Diva, Story.hr and many other Adria Media editions were invited. RTL also visited the event and held an interview with the designer.

The use of sustainable practices

We did everything to make the event as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible, which is why all communication with the guests was online and in digital form, not in printed form. Therefore, we sent both the separate invitations and the save the dates online, so they were not printed. During the event the invitees did not have to print their invitations and were asked to just give their name. Only accessories made of recyclable materials were used at the event.

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