The FINA Extraordinary General Congress 2022

Basic Event Information

Date: 19 June 2022
Location: Budapest (Hungary)
Organiser: Lounge Group – Visual Europe Group
Client: Hungarian Swimming Association and National Sport Agency

EVENT SUB-CATEGORY: Best Association Conference, Congress

Event description and key objectives

The Congress in Budapest was very important for several reasons. It was here that the gender issue was discussed for the first time and new officials were elected for the following years. The FINA Extraordinary General Congress, held on the occasion of the 19th FINA Swimmings Integrity Unit and adopted a new athlete policy on gender inclusion. The FINA Extraordinary General Congress voted to elect the inaugural members of the Aquatics Integrity Unit. The members will be seated into office on 1 January 2023, the date when the Unit will be fully operational.

Key challenges

The numbers of delegates (aprox 200 nations), the event venue because expectations for the event were high and the catering ranking.


President of FINA was very satisfied because the technical support was excellent. We provided 3 rooms for separate meetings, and we provided special chairs for special guests.


The decoration was solved with colored flower gates, we provided a separate microphone on each table (there was no expectation), and we prepared several menus for the sports leaders coming here from all over the world.


A live stream of the congress was broadcast, and after the event, the Hungarian media covered the event in large numbers. The number of photographers on site was limited, but the footage taken there was given to members of the press for free use.

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