“This is also MVM” Roadshow

Basic Event Information

Date: September 24, 2021 – October 10, 2021
Location: Hungary’s 19 county seat
Organiser: Lounge Group – Visual Europe Group
Client: MVM Group

EVENT SUB-CATEGORY: Best Brand Activation

Event description and key objectives

The MVM Group is a key player in the Hungarian energy system. In order to popularize its ever-expanding portfolio among the public, it launched the “This is MVM” campaign, the forerunner of which was a national roadshow where visitors could test their knowledge through a playful application.

Key challenges

In addition to media communication, the means of introducing the MVM Group’s constantly expanding portfolio to the public was personal contact.

The settlements took place in the most visited points of Hungary’s 19 county seats

During the development of the concept, the main aspect was to attract and not scare away those interested.

Instead of filling out the standard questionnaires, visitors to the expatriation could test their skills and knowledge of MVM’s activities in 4 tablet games.



There were two ways to participate in the game:

· With registration, in which players can compete for local gifts and the grand prize

· Without registration, when the only gift is the gaming experience

Points were collected in each game, which can be redeemed by the visitors for 3 different gifts depending on the total score.

Those who played all four games were entered into the draw at the end of the day, where we raffled off a valuable electric bicycle at each location.


When defining the gifts, it was important that they be related to energy and energy.

  • I: category: wireless charger, power bank
  • II. category: spinning pen, light bulb mood lighting
  • III. category: Whirlwind or whirlwind pencil
  • Grand prize: electric bicycle

Measurable results

The purpose of the Roadshow is to introduce the MVM Group and its extremely diversified activities, as it covers everything related to energy.

The tool for this is the attention-grabbing appearance, easily noticeable, easily identifiable with the MVM logo, sophisticated design, modern, youthful and designer.

It was important that it could be installed and dismantled easily and in a shorter time.

Another tool was the uniquely developed game application, local giveaways and a valuable jackpot.

The goal was to educate the population by hiding them in the game, thereby getting a complete picture of the company group.

The kind and polite behavior of our trained and prepared hostesses had an inviting effect even on those visitors who were unsure whether to visit the resort.

An important aspect during the implementation was that we could only think about outdoor installation. The MVM paid a lot of attention to epidemiological measures. Although there was no mandatory mask wearing in the country during the event, we gave everyone in the container a free mask, thus motivating the visitors to wear it, paying attention to each other’s health

The main difficulty was the weight of the installation and the truck transporting it, since there were weight restrictions in place at several locations. It was a challenge to find an easily accessible, central location, which was solved everywhere thanks to the cooperation of the city administration.


Advance communication: The roadshow stations were announced on the MVM website, social media platforms, local online platforms and county newspapers.

Follow-up communication: After the event days, we shared pictures of the daily winners on Facebook (with their prior consent), thereby encouraging the public to visit the next station.

The use of sustainable practices

We recorded the number of visitors at each location.

The main objective was to reach 100 people per location, which was determined by taking into account the time spent playing the game.

The expansion can be said to be extremely successful, in several places we reached the number of 150-180 visitors per day.

The success of media communication is reflected in the fact that the majority of visitors came to the roadshow after seeing an advertisement.

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