Zenergia 2021

Basic Event Information

Date: 28 August 2021
Location: Budapest Congress Center
Organiser: Lounge Group – Visual Europe Group
Client: MVM Group


Event description and key objectives

MVM ZENERGIA is a classical music concert with the participation of renowned Hungarian musicians. The concert was held in front of live audience  in 2021. The show was illuminated by spectacular light painting, while the proceeds of the concert were offered for charity in 2021 as well.


  • Based on the customer brief, our task was to organize and run MVM Zenergia, as well as design and implement the associated integrated advertising campaign.
  • MVM ZENERGIA treats culture fans to a unique musical and visual experience every year.
  • It was organized for the 6th time in 2021.
  • The music program revolves around different themes and concepts every year. The music production was unique, gathering 7 well-known, Hungarian, classical musicians just for this occasion. All of them were former Junior Prima Award winners.
  • In addition to the musical experience, Ádám Bősze’s check-ins, pre-recorded footages and light painting added more colour to the program.
  • In addition to the music performances, we had to come up with a concept for the entire event, we designed its own image with a logo, animations, a unique set and visuals designed just for this occasion.
  • MVM doubled the total ticket revenue for the concert and donated the full amount to a charity selected by the ticket buyers.


  • Normally, just as in previous years, the event would have been held in the open air, in front of a crowd of several thousand people in one of the most famous squares of Budapest. However, we have contingency plans every year for bad weather. In 2020, the pandemic situation forced us to opt for an online event from the backup site, without spectators. This year in 2021 the audience joined the show on-site in the Budapest Congress Center.
  • Security has been paramount throughout the event organization. The live broadcast was preceded by a dress rehearsal, which was recorded. This recording was played in parallel to the actual broadcast via another server and internet connection, ensuring that in the event of any technical errors, we could cut to the pre-recorded material.
  • The online broadcast allowed the sale of an unlimited number of tickets, in the end the live music show had an audience of nearly two 10000 viewers in the virtual space and 1000 on-site
  • The concert was broadcasted live.
  • This year MVM ZENERGIA was about innovation more than ever before. Instead of the previous large-scale acoustic and visual outdoor experience, we now had to deliver the usual highest quality cultural content online and in.-person together. MVM ZENERGIA thus embodies all the core values that characterize MVM Group’s corporate social responsibility. Beyond supporting culture and young talent, helping the disadvantaged, supporting and applying innovative solutions were all realized at this end of August event.
  • The pre-communication of the event happened within the framework of an integrated national campaign, including press, online, radio, television, social and OOH (billboard) appearances. PR articles and social media video ads were run as part of the post-communication.”

Measurable results

  • Anyone could vote in advance on the mvmzenergia.hu website, which foundation would receive the ticket revenue for the concert. The amount was doubled by MVM Plc.
  • There was a lot of positive feedback from both the profession and social media, mainly emphasizing the quality and uniqueness of the event. – The Hungarian Television will broadcast the complete show in March 2022.”

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