Pattern Recognition – Feed you future with design, innovation and trends

FRIDAY, August 26, 2022

Fire Talk by Jordan Waid, Jordan Waid Ltd.

Designed for the attention economy, to give you more time: you will dive into The PRECOG REPORT – a set of ten stories curated and shared in each volume. It enables, identifies and unlocks patterns for new strategic thinking, innovation, trend tracking, scenario design, future forecasting and purposeful impact.

Accelerating the future

In a time of content and information overload, PRECOG does the dirty work and separates the signal from the noise. Pattern Recognition (PRECOG) is how we train our minds and keep pace with the speed of innovation and agency of change. Pattern Recognition and PRECOG enables a new platform of discovery, creativity and innovation as well as a new skillset to find and identify real solutions.

By joining Jordan’s session, you will learn how to:

  • connect your business with the current influences in our world
  • connect your business with client and human needs – creating opportunity
  • connect your business with the future trajectory of your vision

Who is Jordan?

Jordan Waid is a Strategic and Creative Business Consultant, Workshop Facilitator, Idea Architect, Storytelling Designer, as well as an Academy Award winning filmmaker. An advocate for design thinking his passions focus on: futurity, design, innovation, trends, narratives, education, gamification, pattern recognition, brand experience and social impact.

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