Disrupting the Boardroom

FRIDAY, August 26, 2022

Fire Talk by Claus RAASTED, The College of Extraordinary Experiences

elevatING the boardroom meeting to new heights.

In this keynote talk, Claus Raasted will explore the fundamental problems with meetings and deliver clear methods for change, inspiring ideas and make you question many of the meetings you have been in over the years.

Who is this session aimed at?

Maybe you’re a member of a board of directors. Maybe you’re a C-level executive who deals with boards. Maybe you’re none of those things, but think that a talk about better boardroom meetings might also be able to help you with the meetings you’re in. No matter who you are, you’ve probably been faced with (some of) these challenges:

• Meetings take too much time without the results to match.
• Meetings are exhausting and feel more trouble than they’re worth.
• Meetings aren’t enough, but lead to pre-meetings, post-meetings, etc.

There is no one golden solution to that; no universal fix that just needs to be applied in eight easy steps. Instead, there are myriads of tools ranging from the absurdly simple to the overly complex. Techniques and procedures for how to get from the start of a meeting to the end of one.

We call this Human Meeting Technology. It’s not about voice chat systems or flatscreens, but about human interaction and human decision-making. Like other technology, human meeting technology needs to suit the task at hand. If you have a problem with interruptions during meetings, it doesn’t help to use techniques that foster creativity – that solves a different set of problems. That is why this session is NOT about virtual meetings, but physical ones. It will point you to real-world examples that can inspire. Because when all is said and done, that’s where innovation happens. Out there. In reality.

Who is Claus?

Director of The College of Extraordinary Experiences. Coach at McKinsey. Ruby Hunter. Hologram Hawker. Playfulness Preacher. Experience Design Pioneer. Keynote Speaker. Event Designer. Author of 35 books. 1000+ talks & workshops. Claus Raasted has been called “a cross between Thor, Mick Jagger and Lady Gaga”. He also has a past in reality TV, but these days, who hasn’t?

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