The Metaverse; Salvation or Deluge?

FRIDAY, August 26, 2022

Fire Talk by Aragorn Meulendijks, YOM

As the first hype-cycle around web3.0 and the metaverse slows down, now is the time to look beyond marketing slogans and polarizing headlines.  

What is this ‘metaverse’ what does it represent? what drives it? What technologies does it encompass, and is it really any different from previous tech bubbles or doomsday prophecies? 

Technological progress has sped up over the last three decades beyond what anyone in the last century would have thought possible.  

XR and A.I. have emerged from their respective winters. Blockchain is changing the game. Some people even talk of a global revolution, the end banking and the great reset. 

Will it come this far?
What does this all mean for our society? our economy? our industries and our very lives? 

Join Aragorn, aka Master of the Metaverse in an interesting and thought-provoking keynote talk.

Who is Aragorn?

The first 2 decades of Aragorn’s career were spent in tech sales for Oracle, Indeed and LinkedIn to name a few. He’s been a public speaking coach, training top executives and sales people from around the globe. At one time he was known as the Social Selling Doctor, guiding companies and sales teams into a modern way of selling through social media. Today he’s the CMO and Metavangelist at YOM, working to help anyone interested, to understand this new move to the Metaverse, what it means for industries and society.

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