The competition for the best events in 2023 commences

The annual Conventa Best Event Award competition will return at the end of August

“The hunt for unicorns is now open,” announced Gorazd Čad, Managing Director of Toleranca Marketing and the founder of Conventa Crossover. Unicorns refer to the best regional events showcasing boundless creativity and the relentless passion of event organisers. In the meetings industry, unicorns are events that exceed communication goals and are responsible to the environment, attendees and society.

The best regional events, unicorns, will thus go head-to-head at the end of August at the Conventa Best Event Award competition to win the coveted awards. The most creative event organisers have been convening at the competition in Ljubljana since 2015.

The official presentation of projects will take place at CD Club on Monday, 28 August 2023, as part of the Conventa Crossover festival. As always, the projects will be evaluated by an esteemed international jury, including directors of established event and live communication agencies. Joining the 16-member jury for the first time is Anja Rebek from Fabulatorij agency. Other long-standing jury members include industry experts such as Jens Mayer from the German agency Jack Morton, Boris Kovaček from the Croatian agency Pepermint, Marteen Schram from the German LiveCom Alliance and Davor Bruketa from the Croatian agency Bruketa&Žinić&Grey. This year, the jury president is Ivo J. Franschitz from ENITED agency. The winners will be announced at the gala award ceremony on Tuesday, 29 August 2023, at Ljubljana Castle.


“When we first introduced the concept of the competition in 2015, there was still no regional platform showcasing projects of creative, bold and resourceful event organisers from countries of so-called New Europe. We created the competition to show everyone we can compete at the highest level. The recipients of our awards who later won accolades at other esteemed international competitions proved that. Conventa Best Event Award is a stepping stone – a test lab where we see the quality of events. Most importantly, it is an environment of infinite inspiration. We do not want our competition to be measured by the scenography or technical equipment costs. Projects created for the leading global organisations participate in our competition every year, and so do projects with lower budgets. What truly matters is the story,” stressed Gorazd Čad.

You can register your agency’s most unforgettable events in the competition by 14 July 2023.

The events must have taken place or will take place between 1 January 2022 and 14 July 2023. This year, the organisers offer a discount price for agencies that will enter more than three projects.

You can register your events here:

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