European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad EGMO 2023

Event Description and Key Objectives

The European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad 2023 (EGMO 2023) is an annual international event that aims to promote and encourage girls’ participation in mathematics. The primary purpose of the event is to provide a platform for talented female mathematicians from various countries to showcase their skills and abilities. The key objectives of EGMO 2023 are to foster gender equality in mathematics and STEM fields, create a supportive and inclusive environment for female participants, and strengthen their problem-solving and mathematical reasoning capabilities. By hosting this event, the organizers seek to inspire young women to pursue further studies and careers in mathematics and related disciplines, contributing to the overall advancement of women in STEM worldwide.

Key challenges

The main challenges faced during the planning and execution of EGMO 2023 were primarily related to logistics. The event involved a plethora of accompanying activities dispersed throughout the event’s duration and location at the congress center. Coordinating and managing multiple events, competitions, and workshops alongside the main competition posed a significant logistical hurdle. To overcome these challenges, the organizing team took several measures. They implemented a detailed and comprehensive logistics plan to ensure smooth coordination among all the events. This involved careful scheduling, allocation of resources, and efficient communication channels with ettendees as well as good communication between the organisers and venue managers. Additionally, they set up dedicated teams (including volunteers) to handle different aspects of logistics, ensuring that each element of the event was well-organized and executed. Moreover, the use of modern technology and communication tools played a crucial role in streamlining the logistics. This allowed the organizers to stay connected and make real-time adjustments as needed. They also sought support from volunteers and local partners to assist with the coordination and execution of various activities.

Basic information about the event

Name of the organiser

St. Bernardin _ Sava Hotels & Resorts



Event duration

13/04/2023 – 19/04/2023



Event results


EGMO 2023 demonstrated creativity and originality through its unique approach and concept. One of the distinctive aspects was hosting underage participants, necessitating careful arrangements by the organiser for their arrival, including transport, accommodation, visa formalities, etc. Moreover, the competition itself had special requirements that demanded extensive coordination with the venue management. To accommodate the specific requirements and maintain the integrity of the competition, the organizers made a bold decision to move the sponsor/exhibition area to a different hotel, not originally designed for such purposes. This creative adaptation allowed them to address the needs of the event while providing a suitable and functional space for the sponsors and exhibitors. Another noteworthy aspect of creativity was evident in the accommodation arrangement. To prevent cheating and the exchange of information during the competition, participants were segregated based on their roles at the event. Competitors and deputy leaders were housed in one hotel, while the teams leaders, coordinators, and organizers stayed in another hotel. As a result, the rooming for 500 people, which had to include these variables, along with other conditions of the participants (health issues, personal preferences, gender and age groups) was a unique challenge in itself. This innovative approach ensured the fairness and integrity of the competition while adding a layer of uniqueness to the event’s organization.


EGMO 2023 demonstrated remarkable innovativeness in various aspects of its organization. Firstly, the event’s content and program design were thoughtfully crafted to provide a dynamic and engaging a full 7-day programme and experience for participants. The organizers curated a diverse range of activities, including competitions, workshops, and accompanying events, fostering an enriching environment for young female mathematicians to showcase their skills and learn from one another. A special feature is that the programme event was organised for four different types of participant, depending on their role at the event. More information is available here: Secondly, the technical support provided during the event was top-notch. The website itself served as a valuable resource, offering detailed information about the program, schedule, and participating countries. This user-friendly platform allowed participants to access essential updates and materials conveniently. The organiser used Social Media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp) for communication with the participants and for logistics purposes. Additionally, the decision to relocate the sponsor/exhibition area to another hotel, despite not being primarily designed for such purposes, showcased ingenuity and resourcefulness. This creative adaptation provided a functional space for sponsors and exhibitors, contributing to the event’s success.


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Measurable results

EGMO 2023 was not aimed at financial profit but focused on promoting mathematics. In this context, the Return on Investment (ROI) was immense due to substantial media coverage, including the presence of the President of the Republic of Slovenia at the event. The extensive media exposure reached numerous young students, particularly girls, inspiring their interest in mathematics. With three main public universities in Slovenia as co-organizers, the event’s outreach played a crucial role in recruiting new students to pursue mathematics as their field of study. The measurable results clearly indicated a significant added value in terms of promoting and advancing the field of mathematics, surpassing any financial considerations.


EGMO 2023 had a well-defined communication strategy cantered around promoting mathematics to a wider audience, with a particular emphasis on young students, especially girls. From the beginning, the event aimed to raise awareness about mathematics and its significance. National public and commercial news outlets covered the event extensively, contributing to its widespread promotion. The involvement of volunteers, primarily students from all three public universities in Slovenia, played a pivotal role in promoting the event. Their active participation helped generate enthusiasm and interest among their peers and the general public. The organizers initiated public promotion one year prior to the event, engaging in various media contributions and hosting press conferences on topics related to mathematics and the importance of encouraging girls in science. Utilizing social networks and online platforms further extended the reach of their communication efforts. Furthermore, to capture the essence of the event and its impact, a compelling after movie was launched during the closing ceremony. The video, available to the public, showcased the highlights and achievements of EGMO 2023, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. The video is available for public viewing on the official EGMO 2023 website and on the YouTube Channel:

Sustainable practices

Yes, EGMO 2023 implemented sustainable practices to mitigate negative effects on the environment, society, and attendees. One significant measure was the provision of reusable glass water containers for all participants, eliminating the use of plastic bottles throughout the event. This eco-friendly approach contributed to reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainability. To support this initiative, volunteers and competition observers took the responsibility of refilling the water bottles for all 250 competitors during the competition. This further minimized the use of disposable containers, promoting a greener and more environmentally conscious event. Moreover, the venue itself followed sustainable protocols in its daily operations. This commitment to sustainability ensured that the event’s activities were conducted in an eco-friendly manner, contributing to the overall positive impact on the environment and society.

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