Event Description and Key Objectives

The event, marking the 34th anniversary of Baltic Amadeus company, was a unique and diverse celebration designed to instill a sense of pride and belonging among employees. During the pandemic, the company had not hosted any team-building or festive events, creating a void in interpersonal connections. This event aimed to bridge that gap, fostering a sustainable community within the organization and reinforcing our position as innovative market leaders offering quality products. The event was crafted to reduce social distancing among employees, reignite old friendships, and facilitate new connections. The unique elements of the event, such as a cone-shaped stage, a performance by a multi-instrumentalist, and a 200-wish balloon installation, were all designed to create a sense of unity, pride, and engagement among the employees.

Key challenges

Our primary hurdle was designing an event that would resonate with a predominantly male IT workforce, with an average age of 35, and create a memorable experience. To overcome this, we engaged employees in the creation of a pre-event video and a 200-wish balloon installation, which fostered a sense of community and anticipation. Another significant challenge was organizing the company’s first live event. To address this, we incorporated professional actors into our event team. These actors, skilled in engaging with reserved individuals, served as event assistants during the greeting part of the event, ensuring a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all attendees.

Basic information about the event

Name of the organiser

Rekurai LT


VILNIUS, Lithuania

Event duration



Baltic amadeus

Event results


Our event, themed “Wishday”, was a creative masterpiece that reimagined traditional birthday elements and elevated them to a new level. The cone-shaped stage was transformed into a birthday cake adorned with candles, and the birthday balloons evolved into a large-scale installation with a timecode show. This creative environment encouraged employees to use their imagination to fulfill their colleagues’ wishes, fostering a problem-solving atmosphere among the team. The event’s creativity was not just in its unique concept but also in its execution, potentially fulfilling the wishes of all employees who participated in the event. This innovative approach to a company anniversary made the event truly unique and engaging.


Our event was a testament to innovation in every aspect, from organization and content to program design and technical support. We adopted a unique approach to employee engagement, involving them in the creation of a pre-event video and a wish fulfilling after the event. The event’s centerpiece was an innovative oval stage with a cone beneath it, a never-before-seen feature imported from Denmark, a stage that had to be reinforced after the show so it could hold people on it without moving. The opening show was another highlight, featuring a multi-instrumentalist playing a variety of unique instruments, including a horn. This innovative approach to event planning and execution created a ‘wow’ effect, not just for the attendees, but also for the event staff.


The event was executed with meticulous attention to detail, focusing on employee engagement and fostering a sense of community. A significant challenge arose less than a month before the event due to a sudden change in location necessitated by unforeseen circumstances. This required us to redesign the event’s scenography, technical solutions, budget, and script. Despite these challenges, our team managed to adapt swiftly and efficiently. This process not only demonstrated our team’s resilience and adaptability but also strengthened our relationships with partners and suppliers. The successful execution of the event, despite these hurdles, is a testament to our robust project management, dedicated staff, and strong relations with clients and partners.

Measurable results

The event achieved significant results in line with our project targets. The unique “Wishday” theme, involving birthday symbols like wishes and candles, was brought to life through a cake-like stage and balloons. This theme was further reinforced by a pre-event video, where employees shared their reasons for working in the company and the importance of colleague relationships. This video, which served as a prototype of a day in the office, attracted twice the usual number of employees to the office. The 200-wish balloon installation created a sense of belonging and pride in the company, and the ongoing fulfillment of these wishes post-event has stimulated communication and familiarity among colleagues. As of November 7th, 63% of the wishes have been fulfilled, demonstrating the event’s lasting impact and return on investment.


The event was communicated through a multi-faceted approach, beginning with a pre-event video that involved employees in the planning process, fostering a sense of community and anticipation. Post-event, we leveraged an event after-movie and a special birthday video featuring employees to further enhance communication. These videos not only encapsulated the spirit of the event but also positioned Baltic Amadeus as a creative, professional, and unique company. This communication strategy was part of a broader marketing initiative, enhancing the company’s market position and reinforcing its brand image. The videos have resonated with viewers, associating Baltic Amadeus with creativity, professionalism, and uniqueness, thereby contributing significantly to the company’s business profile.

Sustainable practices

Sustainability was a key focus of our event, both in terms of environmental impact and fostering a sustainable company culture. We prioritized creating a sustainable community within the company, encouraging ongoing communication and camaraderie among colleagues through the fulfillment of the 200 wishes. This initiative underscored our commitment to creating a sustainable and inclusive company culture. From an environmental perspective, we collaborated exclusively with local partners to minimize carbon emissions associated with transportation. This approach demonstrated our commitment to reducing the event’s environmental footprint and promoting sustainable practices within the industry. Recyclable balloons were used for the installation. They were used as decor for the event, and then travelled to the office and staff homes.

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