The annual award for the best event in the region of 'New Europe'

Registration for 2024 is open!

Don’t let your ground breaking events go unnoticed. Enter the competition by completing the registration form and choosing the preferred way of payment. Once completed, you will be able to enter details about your event and submit materials. Projects that were carried out from 1 January 2023 until 14 July 2024 are eligible to register for the award.

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#CBEA Standard fee

The regular fee for registering one entry to the competition is 345 EUR + 22% VAT The CONVENTA BEST EVENT AWARD ENTRY fee includes participation at Conventa Crossover 2023 that will be held from 28 to 29 August August 2023.
275.00 excl. 22% VAT

#CBEA Reduced fee


The EVENT GURU PACK is 255 EUR + 22% VAT. The minimum number of events you need to register to get the discount is 3. The CONVENTA BEST EVENT AWARD ENTRY fee includes participation at Conventa Crossover 2023 that will be held from 28 to 29 August August 2023.
205.00 excl. 22% VAT

#CBEA Additional categories fee

Applicants wanting to enter one event into multiple categories can do so by paying this fee for each additional category. The fee is 175 € per additional category.
135.00 excl. 22% VAT
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Everything you need to know about entering the competition


Who took the Conventa Best Event Award home in 2022?


Who are the experts evaluating your events in 2023?


Who took the Conventa Best Event Award home in 2022?

From 28 projects that made it into the final round of voting, 4 winners were selected; the best B2B, B2C, B21, and CROSSOVER events. Furthermore, 5 special awards were given out at the award ceremony...

Innovative professionals and curious minds meet at Crossover 2022

The festival of events returned for the 7th edition Conventa Crossover, the central meeting point for the creative marketing industry...

The competition for the best event in New Europe continues in 2021

Don’t let your groundbreaking events go unnoticed, apply for Conventa Best Event Award now! CALL FOR ENTRIES: CONVENTA BEST EVENT...

What is Conventa Best Event Award?

Conventa Best Event Award is an annual competition that awards the best events in the region of New Europe. The competition was established as part of the Conventa brand. For the past six years, the grand finale of the competition has been taking place at the Conventa Crossover conference. The evaluation of registered events follows a unique 80:20 model (80% of the votes come from the jury and 20% from the audience at the Conventa Crossover conference).


  • Registration deadline: FRIDAY, 14 July 2024
  • Materials submission deadline: FRIDAY, 21 July 2024
  • Announcement of the finalists: 21 August 2024
  • Conventa Crossover: 9-10 September 2024
  • Announcement of the winners: 10 September 2024

Categories in 2023



Corporate events, intended for business clients, most commonly of a closed format. These events could be anything from product launches, business conferences, trade shows, networking events, exhibitions, and more. B2B events aim to raise brand awareness, facilitate business deals and provide opportunities for companies to connect with their clients or partners.


Events intended for the general public. The end consumer is at the heart of the content of these events, and the primary goal is to provide a positive experience for them. These events include music festivals, sports events, conferences, product launches, fairs, food and wine events, and more.


Internal events intended for employees of a company/organisation, most often organised in the form of a training, celebration, anniversary, kick-off, or teambuilding event. The primary goal of these events is to foster a positive work culture, boost employee morale, and improve employee engagement.


Open to events demonstrating an original big and brave idea, intended for both the corporate and consumer target audiences. The aim is to create a unique experience that appeals to both groups. Crossover events could be anything from charity events, brand activations, pop-up shops, product launches, experiential marketing campaigns and more.



A meeting of a large number of individuals organised by a company or association with the aim of presenting innovation, sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas about a specific topic. These events can be open or closed for the public.


A tradeshow or exhibition is an event aimed at companies of a specific industry to showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services to their target audience. These events are usually closed for the public.


The goal of these events is to present a novelty to an invited group of journalists, most often in the form of a press conference.


Events organised to mark important milestones, commemorate significant cultural events, or to honor individuals or groups.


The goal of these events is to present a novelty to an invited group of journalists, most often in the form of a press conference.


Multi-day events which enable an insight into achievements in particular professional or entertainment fields.


Sports events that are organised by individual sports associations or private companies and which mainly include amateur participants and the wider public


Musical entertainment events such as concerts, musicals, music festivals, and public cultural events that evolve around different artistic fields and require complex preparation and organisation.


Roadshows are a series of events or presentations organised in different locations to promote a particular product, service, or company.


Educating and training for employees in individual companies intended to promote the development of human resources.


Events designed to increase motivation and promote cooperation in a team or company that often include employees participating in a joint activity, task or programme.


A private event designed for employees of a company/organisation e.g. anniversaries, kick-offs, Christmas parties etc


A temporary and spontaneous event that "pops up" in a specific location for a limited time period with the aim of promoting a brand or product.


The goal of a brand activation is to build an emotional connection between the brand and the customer by immersing them in a unique, interactive, and unforgettable experience. The event is part of a wider communication strategy across different media.


CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and non-profit events are organized by companies or organisations to fulfil their social responsibility by giving back to the community or supporting a specific cause


An event that uses unconventional and creative tactics to promote a product or service, often characterized by its surprise factor, high level of creativity, and ability to generate buzz and attention from the public.


Grand Prix

Award assigned to the event with the highest overall score from the jury.

Audience Award

Award assigned to the event with the highest score from the audience.

Best in Creativity

Award assigned to the event with the highest score for creativity by the jury.

Best in Sustainability

Award assigned to the event with the highest score for sustainability by the jury.

Best in Corporate Social Responsibility

Award assigned to the best CSR/non-profit event.

Best Event Agency

Awarded to the agency whose events have totalled the highest overall jury score.

Best Online Event

Best use of online event solutions according to jury.

Best Hybrid Event

Best use of hybrid event solutions according to jury.

Why #CBEA?

Event categories
Jury members

Reputation of the competition

Every year Conventa draws attention to excellence in the meetings industry with an award for the best event in ‘New Europe’. Conventa Best Event Award is the only competition of its kind in the region. By entering your event into the competition, you will increase your reputation among clients and the professional public.

Credibility of the jury

A competent international jury, ensuring that only top-level events make it to the final rounds of live voting, will evaluate your event. Every member of the jury makes their decision individually on the basis of their expert knowledge, reputation and authority. The evaluation of registered events follows a unique three-level model 80:20 (80% of the votes come from the expert jury and 20% from the professional public at the Conventa Crossover conference).

Presentation of all the registered events

Presentations of the projects will take place at the Conventa Crossover conference. You will have the opportunity to showcase your project to an audience of over 300 MICE proffessionals.

Promotion of the best events

All of the finalists will be presented at the Kongres Magazine, The awarded projects will additionally get promoted over social networks, e-newsletter, and press releases.

Conventa Best Event Award Brand

The quality label/badge which will provide an easier promotion for the registered organisers. The clients as well will receive the badge/label.

Conventa Best Event Award Winners

The winner from each of the three categories will receive:

- Registration fee for one person for participation at Conventa Crossover 2023
- The right to use the 'Best Event Award' symbol.
- Conventa Best Event Award DIPLOMA



All submitted entries will be evaluated by a jury consisting of international experts from the field of event organisation. The jury consists of 19 members who participate and have equal votes in evaluating the submitted entries. Every member of the jury makes their decision individually on the basis of their expert knowledge, reputation and authority. Each member also has the right to raise objections and questions, as well as an obligation to explain the scores given when evaluating entries to receive the main award. The work of the jury is planned and monitored by a representative of the organizational board of the Conventa Best Event Award.

Miro Antić

Partner / CXO M2Communications, Serbia

Miro Antić is the co-founder and Chief Experience Officer at M2Communications, one of the leading experiential marketing and event production agencies in the region.

Davor Bruketa

Co-owner and Creative Director of Bruketa&Žinić&Grey, Croatia

Davor Bruketa is the co-owner and Creative Director of Bruketa&Žinić&Grey OM advertising agency. He is a permanent member of the New York Cresta Awards jury and was also the first jury president of the London International Awards coming from Southeastern Europe.

Patrick Delaney

Managing Partner at SoolNua, Ireland

With his business partner Pádraic Gilligan, Patrick Delaney is Managing Partner at SoolNua, a boutique consultancy firm working in the Meetings and Events industry. Patrick worked in hotels in Ireland, Canada as well as Bord Failte’s Hotel Advisory Service. He also led the sales and marketing for the Irish Tourist Board.

Anja Rebek

Founder, CEO, Client Service Director

Anja Rebek is a key figure in Slovenian event management with 15 years of experience in communications and marketing. After making a mark in journalism and TV production, she followed her true passion for event management. Anja's expertise spans media, marketing, and strategic event management for corporate and entertainment events. Currently leading the event boutique Fabulatorij, she blends diverse skills to satisfy clients and engage audiences.

Luca Favetta

Board Member of the World Tourism Forum Institute International Council

Luca Favetta recently served as Regional Business Director EMEA at PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association), one of the world’s largest network of Business Events Strategists, where was responsible for developing PCMA Brand and Educational Services in the EMEA Region. With 30+ years of Corporate Events experience, Luca has previously served as Senior Director Global Events and Programs at Hewlett-Packard International as well as Senior Director Global Events EMEA at SAP SA.

Ivo J. Franschitz

Founder & Owner of ENITED Business Events, Austria

Ivo is the owner & Managing Director of ENITED Business Events GmbH. Since 1999, he has been involved with a number of national and international educational institutions and sharing his experience and knowledge through a variety of speaking engagements. Currently, he holds a Board member position with EMBA (Event Marketing Board Austria) and with LiveCom Alliance, as well as being an active member of ICCA and 27NAMES.

Jose Garcia Aguarod

Founder of the Eventoplus Group, Spain

Jose is the founder of the Eventoplus Group of event and MICE related publications and events. He is an entrepreneur, trainer and speaker. Jose has been fully dedicated to the events and MICE industry for the last 18 years, as an organiser, as a final client and as a professional media publisher.

Jan-Jaap In der Maur

Owner-moderator at Masters in Moderation, The Netherlands

Jan-Jaap is the owner-moderator at Masters in Moderation. He is a firm believer that a carefully selected moderator-facilitator will make meetings more effective, more fun and definitely more worthwhile. His dream is to raise the standard of meetings worldwide, by providing them with the best moderators.

Claudia Koehler

Corporate Vice President of VOK DAMS worldwide, Germany

As Corporate Vice President, Claudia Koehler successfully coordinates the daily business of VOK DAMS Events + Live-Marketing company, together with CEO Colja Dams. Before joining VOK DAMS, Claudia Koehler was in the telecommunications industry and PCO business, where she gathered experience on impressing customers.

Boris Kovaček

Executive director Weekend Media Festival Pepermint, Croatia

Boris Kovaček is the Co-owner of Pepermint, responsible for managing agency projects as well as conducting business operations. He is executive director and co-owner of the Weekend Media Festival as well as Project Manager at the World Handball Championship, the European Water Polo Championship, Terraneo Music Festival, Asian Beach Games 2010.

Stefan Kozak

Founder, managing director at CREATIVE PRO, Slovakia

Stefan Kozak is the founder of CREATIVE PRO, a live & event marketing company, which developed into a diversified group of companies, called CREATIVE PRO group focused on the Slovak and Czech market. He is in charge of business development, strategical acquisition and specific ‘live marketing’ projects.

Jens Mayer

Managing Director of the Jack Morton Worldwide's German Offices, Germany

Jens Mayer has built his career helping brands build strong relationships with the people that matter most to them, through live and digital marketing. He leads Jack Morton Worldwide’s (JMW) offices for the German-speaking market and has more than 20 years of experience in the brand experience industry.

Christian Mutschlechner

Former Director of Vienna Convention Bureau, Austria

Christian Mutschlechner is one of the leading figures of the international meetings and events industry. He has over 40 years of experience in this field and has been the CEO of the Vienna Convention Bureau (VCB) for 27 years. He has also been president of the European Federation of Conference Towns and ICCA.

Kim Myhre

Founder and Managing Partner of Experience Designed

Kim Myhre is the Founder and Managing Partner of Experience Designed, a strategic advisory and creative ideas agency that applies purpose-led design principals to create transformative brand experience strategies. He is an experience designer, consultant, speaker, guest lecturer, writer, creator, innovation activist and brand storyteller.

Manuela Šola

General Manager, Komunikacijski laboratorij

Manuela is the founder of one of today's leading communication agencies in the region, Komunikacijski Laboratorij. The agency is the organizer of the internationally awarded project Future Tense Conference, a future-oriented, internationally awarded B2B conference focusing on the future of business. She is also the ambassador of female entrepreneurship in Croatia and an active member of a number of business associations.

Boštjan Prijanovič

Managing director and partner New Moment Ljubljana, Slovenia

Boštjan is the managing director and partner at New Moment Ljubljana, part of a regional network in the Adriatic region. He is a columnist in Media Marketing, a founder of coaching company BP Komunikacije, and occasional blogger and guest lecturer at FDV and EF Ljubljana.

Łukasz Klimczak

Co-founder of *Bespoke

Co-founder and Board Member at *Bespoke, a leading brand marketing agency in the Polish events & incentives industry. Over 15 years of experience in the MICE industry. Played a vital role in supporting Polish companies in the meetings industry during the pandemic. Co-authored meeting organizer guidelines for the Polish Ministry of Development in May 2020. Active member of SAR Marketing Communication Association and SOIT – Incentive Travel Organizers Association.

Maarten Schram

Founder/Managing Director, LiveCom Alliance

Maarten Schram established LiveCom Alliance in 2016 as a non profit foundation on the belief that the live communication industry deserves a pan-European approach and audience, and would benefit from an overarching dedicated yet independent institution. Maarten thrives the pan-European industry creating a stronger, more sustainable and more interesting playing field by introducing the first pan-European Code of Ethics (2017) and first pan-European Pitch Guidelines (2018).

Aleš Petejan

Director Of Marketing at Mastercard

In 2018, Aleš took on marketing and communications management at Mastercard, where he spearheaded the creation of the cashless creative festival Golden Drum. Innovation and high professional standards drive his work. He is a researcher, co-author of a monograph and scientific articles, and a speaker at conferences.

Jordan Waid

Executive Leadership in Creative / Strategy / Innovation

Jordan Waid is a seasoned creative agency veteran, a thought leader in SMEs, an Academy Award-winning filmmaker, and an innovative design thinker. As an executive consultant, his passion lies in delivering business innovation, digital transformation, and building effective leadership teams, especially in the new remote working hybrid world. Jordan's true passion is inventing: creating new scenarios, concepts, rules, ways of thinking, experiencing, and sharing.