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Event Description and Key Objectives

The Adria Security Summit powered by Intersec is a prominent annual live event that brings together experts, stakeholders, and enthusiasts from the security industry. It serves as a comprehensive platform for sharing insights, discussing emerging trends, and promoting collaboration in the realm of commercial security, cyber security, IoT, ICT, smart solutions, automation, and mobility. The primary objectives of the summit include fostering knowledge exchange, promoting networking among peer professionals, showcasing cutting-edge technologies, and addressing critical security challenges primarily in the Adriatic region but also on an international scale being applicable to this region.

Key challenges

Among many different operational challenges that we are facing each year, the top three would be: 1. Understanding and accommodating services toward the time and budget constraints of our exhibitors in order to provide them with an easy-access to fully promote brands prior, during and after the event. Majority of companies which exhibit with us are represented through their local office and/ or regional managers who are quite busy with daily operational activities of the undergoing projects and usually have limited funds for local promotion which includes regional events, too, but still being very important to them to reach new partners and buyers. SOLUTION: We’ve created sponsorship packages which include pre-built booths, active promotion through all our channels (including our a&s Adria media, too), partner invites, parking, lunches, etc. all in order to sum all the costs in one best-buy price while taking on our shoulders the organization they would otherwise experience as exhibitors at other similar shows. 2. Change of the venue each subsequent year on a regional level since our mission is to provide each regional country an opportunity to host Adria Security Summit. SOLUTION: Constant year-around communication, analysis and evaluation of over 50 different subcontractors in regional countries. 3. Creating and promoting meaningful B2B-oriented business atmosphere where visitors (service providers and end users) feel safe to discuss business on the spot with exhibitors (manufacturers and distributors). SOLUTION: Deploying online networking platform prior to the event as well as B2B team during the event to connect these interest groups at the designated B2B arena while guaranteeing that the meet-ups will be relevant.

Basic information about the event

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Global Security Ltd. Sarajevo


Sarajevo (B&H), Belgrade (Serbia), Šibenik/ Zagreb (Croatia), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Skopje (North Macedonia)

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Event results


The uniqueness of our event revolves around the fact that by means of the main conference program we connect over 35 industry-relevant and regionally recognized enthusiasts, evangelists, and experts with proven international experience from within areas of commercial security, cyber security, IoT, ICT, smart solutions, automation, and mobility through over 50 speeches and presentations. Further, our unique exhibition concept with booths being built by our team in such a creative way that upon dismantling they can be used for further event or in-office promotion by companies is worth noting. In essence, these booths are easy to install, dismantle and transport accordingly afterwards to the new location. Surely also worth mentioning are the following creative services being deployed: photo booth where all participants can take personalized pictures with graphical background in the blink of an eye, interview corner where all exhibitors can make personalized testimonials, engagement of teams of photographers and videographers to record non-stop everything later being available for post-event promotion, networking lunch for all exhibitors and VIP guests, multiple branded coffee breaks to refresh participants throughout a day, branding awareness special positions around the venue to increase exhibitors’ visibility, etc.


We’ll name a few as follows. Innovation in organization: Getting back to the community by organizing Student Days at the event so official free of charge student visits with their professors happen as well as meet-ups with selected companies immediately at the event. Further, internal revision of participants is conducted in order to allow the entrance only to relevant peer-professionals who will bring value to the exhibitors and other event stakeholders. Innovation in content: The third pillar of the event content deals with B2B encounters. To secure these meet-ups, there is a 20-personnel team on the ground being responsible for meaningful and business-relevant matchmaking on the spot. Further, participants who have 6 or more effective meetings are being reward accordingly with useful everyday gadgets for their B2B contribution in this sense. Innovation in programme design: The first day of conference program hosts, alongside the keynote speeches, the podcast sessions being recorded and post-event used for digital marketing campaigns. The second day is dedicated to Case Study Excellence Awards program which hosts best of best regional projects being presented to the committee for evaluation. Top three projects are properly rewarded and promoted through our a&s Adria media. Getting back to the community again, conference program hosts Startup program, too, all in order to provide the true financial value to all new peer-professionals entering the industry. Committee evaluates presentations while the investor-rich audience is there to potentially financially support best ideas in addition to the rewards secured by the organizer for top three presentations given the committee’s evaluation. Finally, all interested sponsors can have their unique events within Adria Security Summit. It can be a closed session for partners meeting or team-building session as well as marketing presentation of a new product or service being official launched in the Innovation Room, too.


Executing this type of regional live security-related event with 1) exhibition, 2) conference, and 3) active B2B encounters requires meticulous planning and implementation year-around. Each of three mentioned pillars has its own team in charge of implementing improved vision for the particular edition. This vision is derived from the past experiences and conducted feedback after the last edition. Clear and measurable objectives with corresponding deadlines are put in place and tracked through the PM module of CRM system, ensuring that those almost daily market inputs from the sales team are met from the organizational perspective. Regular weekly meetings account toward accountability of each team. The organization staff counts 10ish personnel prior to the event, while during the event this numbers reaches cca. 70, including full-time and part-time staff as well as subcontractors. The very important concern remains that trustworthy and competent subcontracts for certain activities have been chosen and overseen throughout the whole process. As the event approaches, primary responsibility of the full-time staff is precisely to effectively coordinate the work of part-time staff and subcontractors.

Measurable results

Adria Security Summit powered by Intersec was organized in 2015 for the first time. Since day one, the event was profitable. Since then, it grew: - 480% in sponsors (exhibitors) rate, - 650% in visitors rate, and - 1 800% in B2B encounters rate. The most noticeable results in nominal values were last year when we had 128 exhibitors, over 2 600 visitors, and over 3 600 meet-ups. Participants came from 59 different countries worldwide. Further, through ROI comes from our exhibitors’ compliments when we on a regular basis receive email or phone call compliments stating that new partnership or sales 6 or 7-figure deals have been made at the event or due to the event shortly afterwards.


As our company for past almost two decades issues security-related media – a&s Adria, along with organizing Adria Security Summit since 2015, our communication strategy is always extended in such manner. Worth mentioning also is that we are a part of the worldwide largest security-related publishing (a&s, which abbreviates for Automation & Security) and third worldwide acknowledged event management (Messe Frankfurt) groups. The project is simultaneously communicated in a few stages: 1. Informing the particular a&s and Messe Frankfurt groups where the next event will be held in order for them to inform their members and stakeholders as well as audiences accordingly. 2. Informing all 7 regional country associations where the next event will be held in order for them to inform their official members as well as e-newsletter audiences accordingly. 3. Informing all 7 major media partners where the next even will be held in order for them to inform their audiences accordingly. 4. Informing through our almost a decade-long rich event contact database. 5. Informing through our almost two-decades-long rich publishing contact database. These two databases contain over 8 500 contacts in total. 6. Informing through our matchmaking connectivity platform Connect2B with over 5 600 participants in total coming from 109 countries worldwide.

Sustainable practices

The particular security industry is one of key industries actively contributing toward go-green mission. This is best noticeable within niches of commercial security, IoT, smart solutions, automation, and mobility; therefore, the event itself, with its active participants, promotes sustainability fully. Further, the following measures, to name a few, are directly taken by the organizer: - Booths are made out of cartoon being recyclable, - Majority of process such as registration and corresponding badges are in digital format primarily, - Additionally, participants materials such as floor plan and guide map are available primarily through the app as well, and - Collective participants transportation from hotels to the venue, and back, is organized directly decreasing CO2 emissions.