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Event Description and Key Objectives

The Air Max Celebration Slovenia is a highly anticipated global event taking place in March and April. As organizers, we were truly honored to have been chosen for this prestigious role. The primary objective of this remarkable event is to engage and inspire the Gen-Z demographic, immersing them in the world of Air Max and Nike. By becoming a part of their movement, philosophy, and experiences in our fast-paced world, we aimed to create a profound connection. Our multifaceted objectives revolved around the active engagement of Gen-Z. We sought to ignite their curiosity and captivate their attention, not only towards the event but also towards the Air Max line and the Nike brand as a whole. Generating interest in both the event itself and the brand is crucial, and we were committed to delivering unique experiences that will leave a lasting impact. Our ultimate goal was to create an immersive and unforgettable event that resonates deeply with the tastes and aspirations of Gen-Z. By meticulously crafting an experience that speaks to their unique preferences, we aimed to surpass their expectations and provide unparalleled moments. Our unwavering dedication lies in fostering a genuine connection between Gen-Z and the brand, establishing a bond that extends beyond the event itself.

Key challenges

Our primary challenge was to effectively engage a substantial portion of the Gen-Z population in order to meet our designated key performance indicators (KPIs). To overcome this obstacle, we took several strategic steps. Firstly, we reimagined various experiences within the event, aligning them with the event brief and infusing them with elements of engagement and uniqueness. However, our most impactful approach in attracting this generation was twofold: leveraging current influencers who have significant followings among Gen-Z and selecting a cult space or location where our target audience frequently spends their time. By partnering with influential individuals whom Gen-Z admires and follows, we were able to establish a genuine connection and capture their attention. These influencers acted as ambassadors, promoting the event and generating excitement among their dedicated fan base. Additionally, selecting a cult space or location that holds significance for Gen-Z further increased their interest and desire to be a part of the event. By immersing ourselves in their daily lives and preferred hangouts, we created a natural and organic connection that resonated deeply with our target audience.

Basic information about the event

Name of the organiser


Ljubljana, Slovenia

Event duration

22/04/2023 - 22/04/2023


Sport Vision

Event results


The concept of the event was meticulously planned by Nike, as the brand annually identifies the target group and corresponding activities. This year's brief specifically emphasised the connection with Gen-Z, setting the stage for an engaging and immersive experience. While some activities were predetermined, we introduced an additional layer of creativity through the "common wall" concept. This unique feature allowed each guest to select from a collection of 20 cult stickers and add them to the central wall, which prominently displayed a 3D inscription of Nike Air Max Celebration Slovenia. The entire activity revolved around the notion of "leaving one's mark," empowering every attendee to contribute to the collective experience. By providing this opportunity, we aimed to foster a sense of ownership and individuality among the guests. The common wall not only served as a visually striking centrepiece but also as a tangible representation of the diverse perspectives and personal connections to the Air Max brand. It created an interactive and inclusive atmosphere, encouraging participants to actively engage and contribute their unique creativity. In essence, the integration of the common wall activity added an exciting dimension to the event. By allowing guests to choose and place stickers on the wall, we provided them with a means to express themselves and leave a lasting impression. This concept aligns with Nike's commitment to individuality and self-expression, ensuring that each attendee had the opportunity to be an active participant and contribute to the overall experience.


One of the most remarkable aspects of the event was the transformation of the renowned Zorica bar into a captivating and unique space. We took the already extraordinary space and turned it into something new/extraordinary, completely reimagining the environment to create an unforgettable experience for our guests. In addition to the stunning setup, we incorporated a cutting-edge technical element by setting up our very own studio. This studio became a creative hub where every visitor had the opportunity to craft their own personalised "beat" or musical background. By providing this innovative feature, we empowered our attendees to become active participants in the event, allowing them to express their individuality and unleash their creativity. The inclusion of the studio not only added a dynamic and interactive dimension to the event but also allowed each guest to engage with the music on a deeper level. It became a platform for self-expression, enabling individuals to compose their own unique soundscapes and contribute to the overall ambiance of the celebration.


The event was executed with a meticulous approach to project management. A dedicated team oversaw timelines, budgets, and resource allocation, ensuring tasks were completed on time and aligned with objectives. Regular monitoring and communication channels were established to track progress and address challenges. Staff members were carefully selected based on expertise and roles were assigned to ensure smooth operation. Coordination and training were provided to facilitate efficient collaboration and execution of responsibilities. Strong relationships were maintained with the client and partners through open communication. Regular updates and meetings ensured client involvement and satisfaction. Collaborative problem-solving and clear contractual agreements were vital for successful partnerships with vendors, suppliers, and sponsors. Logistics planning encompassed venue selection, transportation, accommodation, equipment, and security. Timely coordination with suppliers and service providers ensured availability of resources. Contingency plans were in place to address unforeseen challenges.

Measurable results

The event yielded positive results in relation to the project targets and the funds invested. Firstly, in terms of engagement with the target audience (Gen-Z), the event successfully captured their attention and fostered a genuine connection with the Air Max line and Nike. The objectives of engaging Gen-Z, creating brand and event interest, and providing unique experiences were effectively met. This was evidenced by the high attendance rates, active participation in activities such as the common wall and studio, and positive feedback from attendees. Moreover, the added value of the event extended beyond the financial aspect. It can be assessed in terms of brand exposure, enhanced brand reputation, and strengthened relationships with the target audience, partners, and sponsors. The event served as a platform for brand visibility, reaching a wide audience and establishing a deeper connection with Gen-Z. The positive experiences and interactions with the brand fostered brand loyalty and potential future engagement.


The event utilised a strategic and comprehensive communication approach, primarily leveraging various social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. It's worth noting that the event was not integrated into a larger marketing campaign but was able to establish a strong presence and generate buzz on its own. A significant portion of the event's communication was driven by influencers who acted as ambassadors for the event. These influential individuals played a crucial role in amplifying the event's message and generating interest among their dedicated followers. By leveraging their reach and influence, the event was able to effectively penetrate the Gen-Z demographic and create a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Sustainable practices

At the event, we placed a strong emphasis on sustainability and implemented several eco-friendly initiatives. One key focus was waste management, and we implemented a waste sorting system to ensure proper disposal and recycling. Attendees were encouraged to actively participate by disposing of their waste in designated recycling bins. By prioritising waste sorting, we aimed to minimize the environmental impact of the event and promote responsible consumption. In line with our sustainability goals, we also made conscious choices regarding the sale of beverages. Instead of using single-use plastic cups, we opted for glass glasses or reusable glasses. This reduced the generation of plastic waste and provided attendees with a more eco-friendly beverage option. Additionally, by offering reusable glasses, we encouraged guests to use them throughout the event, further minimising waste. To promote sustainability in the food sector, we chose a simple and eco-conscious solution: the preparation of fresh popcorn. Popcorn is a low-waste snack option that requires minimal packaging and preparation. By opting for this sustainable food choice, we reduced the use of single-use packaging and minimised food waste.