Appetite for Arendalsuka 2022

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Event Description and Key Objectives

Arendalsuka = Arendal (=small coast city) + Uka (=week). Arendalsuka is a yearly democratic priority event in Norway for organizations, political parties, and corporations. The agenda is to listen, debate and solve today´s and tomorrow´s societal challenges. All top media, c-levels and politicians attends Arendalsuka each year. Our objectives were to build closer relations with existing clients and to meet new clients through top plug n play event venues & studios for live and hybrid events. We knew that if we went all-in on this, we would become the go to agency at Arendalsuka (meaning: build trust and gain a solid position in event Norway). All events on the main program are open for all. We also did closed events for etc Apple, and c-level dinners, etc). Meaning this case is B2B, B2C, B2E etc.

Key challenges

We did 178 events in 5 days, where most of them went parallel. That needs a masterclass in planning from our whole agency to pull off. As most of our venues was on boats, and all our venues was in another city than where we have our offices, we needed to plan for everything very early. Because of the sustainable aspect we wanted to offer our clients we needed only local suppliers for everything meaning we had to get to know them and become one-team before all events. We needed to ensure good enough internet connection on all boats, and plan for all logistics way ahead so that we had everything when we first came to the city. We needed to work closely with all clients very early so that all details were taken care of. Arendalsuka is one whole week and we moved our whole agency down there.

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Arendal, Norway

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Appetite for Production

Event results


No other agency in Norway has claimed Arendalsuka the way we have done it. This event is unique because we are both client and agency, this project was our idea, and we took a big calculated gamble by going all-in on this. In order to create sustainable enough events for our clients we needed to own the venues and suppliers. We set ourselves clear goals and far succeeded all of them! We created a new way of meeting our target audience (by creating a demand for sustainable venues with top production facilities & team) and pleasing our existing clients. We have put sustainability on the agenda for all our clients, and Arendalsuka was our way of not only talk the talk but walk the walk.


If you want to be the best, you have to go all-in & never compromise on quality or service. Our case is innovative because no other agency has created their own arena in Norway like we have done with Arendalsuke. Our whole idea (underlined) is thar our jobs is our best marketing: so if we get to work with all top clients in Norway at Arendalsuka we would later get to work with them again on other events as well. If we can create the best venues and most sustainable events for our clients we win. This whole idea with 100% sustainable events, plug n play studios, and easy to book solution turned out to be pure magic for us as an agency. All of our employees love this initiative, and look forward to work with this case every year.


We booked the most sustainable boats in Norway, and best venues in Arendal. We planned for plug n play studios (top AV, lightning, sound, streaming, recording, etc) so thar our clients got Appetite quality in their productions. We only used local suppliers as our aim was to deliver as sustainable events as possible. All food n beverage, crew, branding etc came from local suppliers – our way of helping the local community and leave as little emission as possible. We project managed all events a long time prior to each event using “in the sky” event tools & booking systems. We worked with local suppliers on all menus so that they fitted all needs when it came to vegan alternatives, allergies & intolerances. All branding that was created had the goal of being re-usable for events in 23, 24 etc (achieved).

Measurable results

Goals: Land 5 new clients for Arendalsuka (result: 15+). Do more than 80 events during Arendalsuka (result: 178). Reach over 4000 people during our live and hybrid events (result: 10000+). We wanted to become the go-to agency for Arendalsuka in Norway (result: fully booked for 2023 & 2024 with more venues than in 2022). Land new business with new clients after Arendalsuka (result: 19+ new client events for new clients confirmed). We also wanted to create a positive vibe for Arendalsuka amongst our employees (result: 100% satisfaction). Revenue 5 mnok/4,4 m Euro (result: 10+ mnok / 9 m Euro). Win an award: achieved x 2. A lot of the events we recorded & streamed from our events were used (highlights) in the news broadcasts from Arendalsuka on Norwegian television.


As an event agency Appetites approach to marketing is that our jobs and the relationship (trust) we build with our clients is our main marketing. We never do cald calling or other initiatives to land new business, we simply aim to deliver perfection to the ones we work with and they recommend us to others. That is how we became a Euro 5,5 million agency, and that is also how we marketed Appetite for Arendalsuka and all our venues. We created a demand, and then all clients we worked with marketed the events prior to all events in their own channels (free marketing for us) as they wanted to gain publicity for their own events that we did for them. Once the word “got our on the street” that we could offer Appetite quality at Arendalsuka new clients came to us wanting us to help them out. Our revenue for our events at Arendalsuka in 2023 will be Euro 1,5+ mill, meaning we did a good job in 2022

Sustainable practices

100%! We only booked 100% sustainable boats, and venues on land that could deliver on our criteria when it came to sustainability. The ones choosing petrol or diesel-fueled boats lose out & can’t deliver on sustainability. We only used local suppliers that could deliver food n beverages & use local short-travelled ingredients. And we chose to work with branding suppliers that could deliver innovative branding & materials with as little emission as possible. We also recommended all our clients to only create branding that could be reused for many years and offered to store their branding at our storage. We had no food or beverage waste in 2022, and we did not print any production material or plans (only stored in the sky).