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Event Description and Key Objectives

While Audi Hungaria is primarily known as a motor and vehicle factory, under the Next Level strategy, it continuously evolves into a world-class competence center offering high-quality services. It has transformed from a manufacturing site to a complex and diverse company with multiple activities. Since its establishment in 2005, the continuously developing Tool Factory creates significant added value for its customers worldwide through its unique products and development, design, and engineering services. The consistent investment in the Tool Factory contributes to the long-term viability of the company, especially in exclusive series production. The completion of the 6,300 square meter expansion in 2022, along with the installation of new manufacturing equipment and robots, has provided the conditions for further production capacity. Our task was to organize the inauguration of the production line in a hybrid event format, accommodating 270 on-site guests and an additional 1,000 online participants.

Key challenges

One of the most significant challenges was transforming the factory hall's cleared 50x40-meter area into an event venue. During regular days, the hall benefits from natural light through skylights. However, to create the necessary darkness for the stage performances and projections to be effective, we requested the complete covering of windows and skylights with foil, followed by carpeting the entire area. During the planning process, another challenge was designing the dynamic stage setup in a way that, during the opening ceremony, the rising LED walls wouldn't reveal what was behind the scenes. But, during the symbolic act, the view of the new production line would be unveiled. The concealment behind the central screen was carefully arranged while the actors were being called to the stage. The third key aspect was composing a brief live video sequence that showcased the actual operation of the robot cells on the raised LED wall after the symbolic act.

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Special Event Budapest Kft.


Győr, Hungary

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Audi Hungaria Zrt.

Event results


Upon entering the factory hall, the guests arrived at a multifunctional venue, where they could admire the flagship models of the premium segment (Audi, Lamborghini, and Bentley), examine Győr’s the highlighted prototypes, while learning about the services offered by the Audi Hungaria Shared Competence Center (SCC). The space was segmented with the displayed models, creating distinct areas for the exhibition and catering, always ensuring that, no matter where the guests looked, there was always a new spectacle to greet them. The LED bars were programmed to display dynamic movements, formations, and colors corresponding to the current content. The positions of the LED walls were also aligned with the content: films were projected in an elevated fullscreen mode, the speaker's background was provided by the central wall during speeches, while the side walls gradually rose into the air, adding visual highlight to the main message of the Next Level strategy.


The event showcased Audi Hungaria's innovative spirit through the use of cutting-edge technologies and creative solutions. The transformative factory hall served as a multifunctional venue, impressing guests with its ingenuity. LED bars added dynamism with their programmed movements, formations, and colors. LED walls were strategically positioned to complement each content, elevating films in fullscreen during speeches and gradually rising side walls for visual impact. This innovative approach redefined the boundaries of event design, seamlessly fusing technology and automotive excellence, leaving guests in awe.


The moderator called the key individuals who played a crucial role in the development of the new production line to the stage for its inauguration. Five START buttons, well-known from Audi models, appeared on the LED wall. Together, the participants symbolically initiated the new production line by pressing the buttons simultaneously. At the symbolic button press, the actual startup of the production line happened. The rising central LED wall revealed the image of the operational assembly line, showcasing the real protagonists of the event - the automated robot cells. As the wall reached its final position, a live video displayed the ongoing processes in the background. All of this was complemented by the continuous, dynamic movements of the LED bars.

Measurable results

The event generated heightened brand recognition and strengthened Audi Hungaria's position as an innovative industry leader. The event's wide media coverage and social media engagement expanded its global reach. It attracted potential business partners, investors, and customers due to the impressive showcase of advanced technologies. Positive feedback from attendees and stakeholders further enhanced Audi Hungaria's reputation and credibility. The event's impact reflected in improved employee morale and motivation, fostering a sense of pride and belonging within the organization.


The Corporate Communication Department of Audi Hungaria handled the event's pre- and post-communication. Our task was to design the event branding and create communication materials, including "save the date," invitations, and reminders. Additionally, we were responsible for providing the main communication channel, the microsite, for the event. The entire event was livestreamed on the microsite we designed and operated, available in 3 languages and embedded on the client's and teh Minister of Foreign Affairs’ Facebook page. Besides live event coverage, the microsite served multiple functions. Prior to the event, attendees could register not only for the opening ceremony but also for various customer programs offered by the company's partners. For the press, we made necessary documents, images, and video content accessible through the microsite to facilitate media material compilation.

Sustainable practices

As a general standard, we made sure to prioritize sustainable solutions. As sustainable solutions, the event incorporated several key elements. Firstly, sustainable materials were used for set design and decorations, energy-efficient LED lighting and smart technology were adopted to reduce energy consumption during the event. Digital communication and event materials were prioritized to reduce paper usage. Catering focused on locally sourced, seasonal, and organic products to support the community and reduce the carbon footprint of transportation. These measures exemplified Audi Hungaria's commitment to organizing events with a minimal ecological footprint.