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Event Description and Key Objectives

The aim of the event is to reflect the achievements and successes of the airport and to thank its partners for their perseverance over the past period. While designing our concept we wanted the event to reflect on the airport's achievements, as well as present its plans for the coming years while expressing its thanks to its partners. We have tried to create an atmosphere where those who prefer formality can feel comfortable, but also those who want a more relaxed environment. In the light of the above, the concept is always relevant, inclusive and unique, which will be remembered by those invited. The strong visual elements suggest both elegance and innovative vision, which also applies to Budapest Airport, as they are always looking ahead and looking for ways to improve their operations.

Key challenges

The most challenging part of the event was the decoration, as we designed a stage set and unique decorations that evoked the origami design, all in life-size. We therefore needed to find solutions to build these elements and transport them without exceeding certain weight limits. We also had to find a community activity that would fit in with our concept and that the participants would want to take part in. For this reason, a defining moment of the keynote speech was when each participant made a flower using the kit that we prepared at the tables, which ended up being part of the table decoration. This presented some challenges, as our target audience was a very narrow group of managers who are decision-makers rather than creators in their working environment. Also, for the venue, we had to create a layout plan that could comfortably accommodate 350 people, while also being able to allocate 7 VIP tables. This was achieved by using trapezoidal tables to maximise seating

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Progressive BEX Kft


Budapest, Hungary

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Budapest Airport Zrt.

Event results


The creative concept for the BUD Annual Awards Gala 2022 was based on the origami symbol system: a visual representation of the process of transforming raw material (paper) into value. In other words, imagination and expertise can make something unique out of simple basics. This is also true of BUD and its partners, who together can make BUD's core values a success. For the event decorations, long stretches of paper were also an important part of the visuals, with figurative elements sprouting out of them. The most spectacular motifs were life-size origami animals and figures and plants floating in space. To enhance the experience, in addition to the life-size animals, we created a photographic backdrop where these elements also appeared.


When designing the stage, we also wanted to create a really unique look, so that it would give the impression of folded paper. This was complemented with plant elements, a giant origami elephant and leopard. The design of the prizes also took into account the properties of the mouldable paper. We used polygon shapes reminiscent of paper folding to create a design that reflected our concept. For the programmes, the joy of creation was incorporated in the form of a live digital sand animation. In addition, guests were involved in making an origami table decoration, so that everyone could take home a creation of their own, making the event truly memorable. At the content level, we created an origami world with unique animations in which we created different animals as origamis and moved them around. This world also appeared on the VIP table badges and decorations, among other things.


We were responsible for the conceptualisation and the overall organisation of the event. This included the preparation of all communication materials, decoration, programme, preserntation, technical coordination and on-site presence. Our agency was also responsible for the entire stage concept, script, programme set-up and content development of the awards ceremony, as well as the production of the awards. So, from a project team perspective, the creative-account-event team worked together to deliver the event. Of course, our subcontractors also helped to make the event happen, including on the catering, technical and decoration fronts. We have been working with our client for many years and have a track record of successful events.

Measurable results

We have far exceeded the initial project goals, creating a memorable event that is still praised and talked about with joy and appreciation years later. Of course, this is not only feedback we receive, but also a lot of feedback from our clients' partners. The success of the event is also shown by the fact that we have received so much interest that we have taken additional tables and on-site registrations.


Communication was done using BUD's own platforms to reach guests. A save the date, invitation and reminder were sent out before the event and follow-up materials afterwards. Feedback for the event was provided online, which proved to be successful as we reached our target of 350 participants. No further communication and marketing was linked to the event, not least because it was an event for a more limited target audience of partners. The high level of interest in the event was also demonstrated during on-site registration on the day of the event, as we handled a number of additional on-site registrations.

Sustainable practices

During the organisation of the event, we have tried to reduce its ecological footprint in several ways. This is one of the reasons why we favoured a digital invitation process and on-site registration. When designing the catering, we and our partners favoured food and beverage options that used local and seasonal ingredients. We also sought to reduce the use of textiles in our choice of furnishings, in many cases opting for options that operated with light decorations. In addition, as many recycled materials as possible were used in the realisation of the decorations, and the giant elephant decoration was later dismantled for use in further projects, not only for decorative purposes but also for construction purposes.