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Event Description and Key Objectives

The largest high-tech and information technology conference in Israel was held for the 18th time to introduce the audience to the world's most innovative technologies. Approximately 5,000 participants came to the event which exhibited the 100 leading hi-tech companies in Israel. Companies presented a wide variety of technologies, including data center technologies, information analysis, AI, cyber security, DevOps & SRE, cloud solutions, automation, technologies to improve customer experience and more . This year the exhibition combined in a particularly innovative way, pavilions that present innovative technologies and an exhibition of AI-based works of art inspired by the greatest artists of all time - Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Yayoi Kusama, Frida Kahlo and Salvador Dali At the event, guests toured several areas: • Two Work Shop complexes for development personnel • An exhibition where the most advanced technologies in the world were presented in the fields of Public Cloud, CX, DevOps, IoT, Cyber and Data & AI Computing. • Plenary on Development, Data & AI • Professional content tracks • B2B meeting complex • And to finish – EXPO PARTY with DJ Dalit Rochester The plenary was attended by prominent speakers, including the CEO of Microsoft Israel, Alon Chaimovich; • Dr. Aya Sofer, Vice President, AI Technologies and Director at IBM Research; • Adi Stein, Developer, Tech Community Lead at Microsoft Israel & Turkey; • Oded Shopen, Senior Solution Lead at VMware; • In the Developers Plenary, Yodi Bar-on from GM Kaleidoo, Binat's subsidiary that deals in Data & AI solutions; • And Leonid Nireev, AVP Software Engineering and DevOps BU Manager at Bynet Communications. As every year, Bynet EXPO 2023 gave central and high exposure to Israeli startups at the beginning of their journey, which have already developed a tangible and cohesive product. The nominated startups were examined by managers and heads of divisions in the company, and 15 were selected from them to present at the expo. Among the startups chosen to present at the exhibition: Bolet, FANUC, moovex, Faddom, Adva Biotechnology, Assatec, Galil - Technical Communication and Cyngular.

Key challenges

Our initial challenge was to create a logical and exciting connection between the technological world and a great and well-known artist, how to connect cyber and security to Picasso? How to connect DEVOP with Van Gogh? As always, we thought in the most advanced way and turned to CHAT GPT. We asked the questions precisely and received particularly exciting answers. With the help of these answers, we continued the work and turned to creating a leading graphic language as well as diverse and spectacular visuals for the exhibition. Another new challenge our studio "HaCohanim Creative" faced was that we created all the works of the exhibition using artificial intelligence AI for the first time - inspired by 5 leading and most well-known painters and artists - and not the way we were used to working until then (normal photo archives).

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Event results


All the images in the exhibition were created with artificial intelligence inspired by 5 famous artists: Van Gogh, Dali, Picasso, Frida Kahlo and Kusama. We also combined the various fields of the hi-tech industry that were featured in the exhibition. We drew explained the connections between the subject/area and the artist. In the center of the exhibition we built a huge art display made entirely of a huge technological LED network. Everything was built on a high platform with a cube of LEDs in the center of the totem in the ceiling. Everything was 18 meters high. The uniqueness is that throughout the day, artists such as a dancer, a violinist, a saxophonist, a programmer and especially a painter entered the totem, and they present their art on the stage with a transparent LED grid, the audience sees them and at the same time a customized animation is projected on the LED grid, For example, when the painter drew, the LEDs displayed an animation of splashes of paint, when a musician played, animation of notes projected and much more. In addition, the idea of the central totem continued and also appeared on the main stage, there were 4 huge cubes, in the opening segment and also in each link section before each lecture. Relevant artists appeared, with the support of innovative animation and music pieces. For example, before a lecture by the VP of Checkpoint on security, a dancer appeared in the LED network portraying a "hacker.” And all the animation was of computer programming and red alerts with emergency noises in the sound.


The use of AI artificial intelligence - both to create images and to write texts for the benefit of the exhibition. LED screens combined with grid screens featuring musicians, painters and artists creatively representing the connection to technology within them.


The use of AI artificial intelligence - both to create images and to write texts for the benefit of the exhibition. LED screens combined with grid screens featuring musicians, painters and artists creatively representing the connection to technology within them.

Measurable results

9500 registrants, over 5000 participants actually arrived / nearly 100 exhibitors / the (sponsored) exhibitors scanned over 3000 leads.


For the benefit of the project, we conducted extensive social work and many content writers worked in the area of the event and brought content from the lectures of the selected CEOs who spoke in the plenary CEO of Microsoft Israel, Cisco, Red, VP at Check Point

Sustainable practices

All the walls designed in the exhibition this time were not destroyed but were transferred in their entirety to the offices of the Bynet company. It was no less than revolutionary, a reuse that resulted in great savings in large-scale garbage. morover, we had a bin for the name tags that every attandee used at the end of the event. this bin is for reusing and reprinting the tags for the next events.