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Event Description and Key Objectives

Brand Awareness and Positioning: One of the main objectives is to introduce the CUPRA brand to the target audience. This goes beyond simple recognition, aiming to establish CUPRA as a sophisticated and unique brand. The event's purpose is to showcase what sets CUPRA apart from other brands - its bold design, attention to detail, and emphasis on lifestyle and experience. Community Building: The event aims to reveal to attendees what it's like to be part of the CUPRA community or "tribe." This objective aligns with the idea of fostering a sense of belonging and exclusivity among potential customers, establishing a connection with the brand that transcends the physical aspects of the vehicles. Experiential Marketing: The event is designed to offer a structured experience based on the four pillars of the brand: racing, lifestyle, CUPRA garages, and experience. By immersing attendees in these aspects, the goal is to create a memorable, interactive, and engaging brand experience. Alignment with Brand Aesthetics: The event seeks to emulate the brand's aesthetic and sophisticated values. Whether through the selection of the location, the type of entertainment provided, or the food served (inspired by the colors and textures of CUPRA), every detail should mirror the brand's unique ethos. Target Audience Engagement: The event is designed specifically for a progressive, modern mainstream audience, both men and women over 40 years of age. This demographic is attracted to bold design, unique details, and new experiences beyond pure technological advancement. The event aims to engage this audience, presenting CUPRA as a brand that embodies these values. By achieving these objectives, the CUPRA launch event intends to make a lasting impression, driving interest and engagement with the brand, and ultimately contributing to the brand's success in its market entry.

Key challenges

Organizing the CUPRA Launch Event presents a set of intertwined and multifaceted challenges that require innovative thinking and meticulous planning. The most conspicuous of these is the need to secure a venue that is not only unique and unused for previous events but also one that cannot be accessed for future events. Given Sarajevo's limited pool of event venues, this demands exploring unconventional locations. Perhaps we might consider underutilized outdoor spaces, neglected industrial areas, or even privately owned properties that could be temporarily transformed into an event setting. In addition to uniqueness, this venue must echo the CUPRA brand's sophisticated values, adding an extra layer of complexity to the location scouting. The client envisions a space with an underground touch, possibly with industrial elements that would contribute to a distinctly non-traditional, CUPRA-like experience. Striking a balance between these contrasting needs - uniqueness, sophistication, and a sense of the unconventional - is a challenge of its own. Moreover, the event's aim to deliver an immersive brand experience based on the four pillars of CUPRA (racing, lifestyle, CUPRA garages, and experience) brings another layer of challenge. It necessitates an exceptionally well-thought-out plan and coordination to integrate all these elements seamlessly, transforming the chosen venue into a CUPRA universe that embodies the brand's values and ethos. Then there are the timing issues. The proposed event dates - either from December 13th to 31st, 2022, or from January 23rd to February 15th, 2023 - could coincide with holiday seasons or unfavorable weather conditions. These circumstances could affect both the logistics and the event turnout, hence, are factors that need to be given serious consideration in the planning phase. The budget, capped at 60,000 KM, may pose yet another challenge. Balancing between securing an exclusive venue, meeting intricate branding needs, and delivering a truly memorable experience while adhering to the budget constraints will call for an efficient budget management strategy and ingenious cost-effective solutions. Finally, engaging the target audience - progressive, modern individuals over 40 years old who have an eye for bold design and unique details - adds another degree of complexity. Curating an event that appeals to this audience, keeping in tune with their tastes and expectations, right down to the fine details such as the choice of entertainment, catering, and overall ambience, is crucial. Overcoming these challenges will require a mix of creative problem-solving, savvy negotiation tactics, and rigorous planning, but it will all be worth the effort when the event successfully brings the CUPRA universe to life for its attendees.

Basic information about the event

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McCann d.o.o.


Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Porsche BiH - CUPRA

Event results


The decision to host the CUPRA Launch Event in an under-construction building, earmarked for a future business building and a bank subsidiary, is a masterstroke of creativity that addresses many of the identified challenges head-on. Firstly, the venue choice brilliantly answers the call for uniqueness. Given that it's a site in the midst of transformation, it ensures the event's exclusivity as it's unlikely to be accessible for future events once the construction is completed and the bank opens. It's a one-time opportunity that takes full advantage of the city's limited venue options and truly complies with the demand for a venue that has not been used before and cannot be used for future events. The raw, unfinished aesthetic of the construction site also provides the ideal backdrop for the desired 'underground touch' and industrial atmosphere that resonates with the CUPRA brand. The venue's inherent characteristics - exposed beams, raw concrete surfaces, and the unique ambiance of an active construction site - offer an intrinsically unconventional experience. This setting significantly reduces the need for extensive theming or decoration to create a unique atmosphere, serving as a cost-effective solution that aligns with the budget restrictions. Furthermore, the site's spaciousness and modularity, which are inherent to construction venues, offer ample opportunities to creatively segment the event into different zones based on CUPRA's four brand pillars. It provides a broad canvas to be molded into a multisensory brand experience, from racing simulators tucked between scaffolding, to lifestyle lounges created in unfinished rooms, to pop-up CUPRA garages staged amidst construction materials. Hosting an event in an unconventional setting like a construction site generates a sense of curiosity and excitement, potentially increasing the appeal of the event to the target audience. It embodies the very essence of being a 'game-changer,' attracting the progressive and bold audience CUPRA aims to engage. However, it's essential to navigate the challenges that come with such a unique venue. Safety measures must be meticulously planned and executed, given the nature of a construction site. Additional permits might be needed, and logistics could be complicated due to the venue's layout and access. Also, weatherproofing might need to be considered, given the proposed event dates. In conclusion, creatively repurposing a construction site into a launch event venue for CUPRA beautifully addresses the initial challenges and emphasizes the power of innovative thinking when it comes to event planning. Despite the additional challenges it poses, with rigorous planning and thorough execution, it promises a launch event that truly brings the spirit of CUPRA to life.


When it comes to implementation, innovation takes center stage at the CUPRA Launch Event. Not only does the venue selection demonstrate out-of-the-box thinking, but it also paves the way for numerous innovative approaches to realize the event's vision. Firstly, transforming an under-construction site into an event space requires logistical innovation. Each part of the site has to be assessed and adapted for safety, accessibility, and functionality, ensuring that guests have a seamless experience without losing the raw appeal of the construction environment. Innovative solutions were required for lighting, sound, and power distribution given the lack of traditional infrastructure. Deploying mobile power units, using directional lighting to highlight features or creating ambiance, and strategically positioning sound equipment to account for the acoustics of the space all played into the innovative execution of the event. Secondly, the creation of different zones within the construction site, each dedicated to one of CUPRA's four brand pillars, was another avenue for innovation. This involved setting up cars in unexpected places, creating intimate lifestyle lounges using raw building materials, and turning open spaces into temporary CUPRA garages. The integration of technology, like led displays, enhanced these zones further, allowing guests to deeply engage with the CUPRA brand in novel ways. Moreover, the unique food and beverage offerings, inspired by the colors and textures of CUPRA, required an innovative approach. These were served in unique ways and even heated when no one expected it. Lastly, capturing the event's uniqueness through photos and videos offered another chance for innovation. Aerial drone footage captured the unconventional venue from above, while photographers and videographers on the ground creatively used the raw backdrop to highlight the exciting event moments and the unique brand experience. Innovation at this event is not just about doing something new. It's about daring to challenge the traditional boundaries of event planning and execution, embracing the unusual venue, and turning potential obstacles into opportunities. This bold approach to innovation aligns perfectly with the spirit of the CUPRA brand, ensuring an unforgettable launch event.


The execution of the CUPRA Launch Event was a perfect blend of the unconventional and the sophisticated, transforming an under-construction bank site into a vibrant celebration of the brand. The focal point of the entire transformation was the entrance of the venue - a spectacular lighting tunnel that served as the gateway to the immersive world of CUPRA. Upon arrival, guests were instantly greeted with this dazzling tunnel, setting the tone for the unique experience that awaited them. The tunnel, illuminated with dynamic lighting, created an immediate sense of anticipation, like a filmic sequence that pulls you into a different reality. It was more than just a passageway; it served as a transitional element, helping guests leave the ordinary world behind and step into the realm of CUPRA. Once inside, the entire construction site had been reimagined to offer an unforgettable journey that truly echoed the ethos of CUPRA. The raw appeal of the construction site was skillfully paired with state-of-the-art light and sound installations to create a stunning, unconventional backdrop for the event. Different zones within the site were dedicated to each of the brand's pillars - racing, lifestyle, CUPRA garages, and experience. Each zone offered unique engagements, designed to allow guests to immerse themselves in the different facets of the CUPRA identity. The space was a constant surprise, offering fresh delights at every turn. Innovative food and beverage offerings, inspired by CUPRA's colors and textures, further added to the memorable experience. Dishes and drinks were served in unique, imaginative ways, cementing the event's creative footprint. The event was not just about showcasing the CUPRA brand; it was a celebration of creativity, innovation, and bold design. It demonstrated that with imagination, courage, and meticulous execution, even the most unconventional spaces could be transformed into extraordinary experiences. In the end, the CUPRA Launch Event was not just an event; it was a testament to the brand's commitment to daring design, unique experiences, and breaking the mold.

Measurable results

The CUPRA Launch Event's success was not only reflected in the transformation of the unconventional venue and the rave reviews received from attendees, but also in its measurable outcomes. Out of 400 invitees, the event drew an impressive attendance of 350 people. This high turnout, representing around 87% of the invited guests, indicates the appeal of the event and the effectiveness of the pre-event communication and engagement strategies. One of the critical goals of the event was to generate buzz and curiosity around the brand, ultimately driving traffic to the CUPRA website. In this regard, the event was a resounding success. The website experienced a significant increase in visitors in the days following the event, with over 1000 people exploring the site. The event's exciting content and unique execution sparked interest and curiosity, drawing more people to learn about the brand and its offerings. Another key aspect contributing to the event's success was the top-notch entertainment. The inclusion of renowned DJ duo After Affair greatly enhanced the event's appeal, contributing to the high turnout and positive attendee feedback. Their performance, coupled with a state-of-the-art sound system, offered an auditory experience that was as bold and unique as the CUPRA brand itself, setting a vibrant and energetic tone for the event, but also for the after event. CUPRA Launch Event was a success not only in terms of execution and attendee satisfaction but also in terms of generating brand awareness and engagement. It managed to create a memorable experience for attendees, boosted the brand's online presence, and effectively communicated CUPRA's unique brand values and personality. This successful event execution serves as a testament to the power of innovative thinking and meticulous planning.


The launch of the CUPRA brand in Sarajevo was a significant event that was covered extensively by the media, with the aim of presenting a completely new marque in the market. Porsche BH, in the presence of media representatives, VIP guests, and company friends, successfully staged the BE THE IMPULSE event, thereby showcasing the prestigious CUPRA brand, which had been eagerly awaited. CUPRA, which stands as an unconventional brand, targets those that ignite change and aims to inspire the world by merging emotions, electrification, and performance. It began its journey in 2018 with a group of visionaries who aspired to challenge the status quo and redefine contemporary sporting style. The event highlighted CUPRA's range of models from the unique CUPRA Ateca to the first electrified model, CUPRA Leon, and the first standalone model, CUPRA Formentor. It underscored CUPRA's commitment to electrification, as seen in the upcoming CUPRA Born model, the brand's first 100% electric vehicle, and the expansion of its plug-in hybrid range by 2024. The CUPRA Tribe, a team of ambassadors, was mentioned as one of the critical elements of the brand's success, shaping its essence of an energetic stance, rebellious spirit, and unconventional thinking. CUPRA's performance in racing and sports partnerships, such as winning the PURE ETCR electric touring car championship in 2021, participating in Extreme E, off-road competition of electric SUVs, and being the official partner of FC Barcelona, were also emphasized. The brand is broadening its lifestyle universe in cooperation with brands like Primavera Sound and De Antonio Yachts, exemplifying how CUPRA cars are only part of their story. The communication about the event was impressive, underlining CUPRA's future-oriented plans and ambitions for the Bosnian and Herzegovinian market, including a completely new concept of buying experience. The new showroom features an urban design with a garage concept, initially offering Formentor and Leon models, followed by Ateca, and the electric Born arriving in the summer. With its unique design, colors, materials, excellent performance, and well-balanced prices, CUPRA aims to stand out. The brand has big ambitions for the Bosnian and Herzegovinian market, planning to sell more than 100 models in its first year and intending to be among the top 10 best-selling brands shortly.

Sustainable practices

Sustainability was a significant consideration in all aspects of the CUPRA launch event in Sarajevo. Highlighting their commitment to reducing emissions and promoting cleaner transportation options, CUPRA showcased electric and hybrid models. This included the unveiling of its first 100% electric model, the CUPRA Born, and plans for an expanded range of plug-in hybrid models by 2024. Minimizing waste was also a priority, with digital invitations and communications replacing traditional paper alternatives. This strategy not only streamlined the event organization but also contributed positively to the environment. In terms of the event execution, the innovative 'lightning tunnel' made use of energy-efficient LED lighting. This creative solution not only enhanced the attendees' experience but also used significantly less energy compared to traditional lighting options, demonstrating an innovative approach to sustainability. CUPRA's partnerships also pointed towards its sustainable values. Its association with brands like Primavera Sound, known for its own sustainability commitments, suggests a broader alignment with sustainable practices. This event utilized venue that incorporated green building practices and use of sustainable, recycled, or upcycled materials for staging, decor, and other event elements. This kind of mindful selection further emphasizes CUPRA's commitment to sustainability. The event also supported the local economy and minimized transportation-related emissions by hiring local artists like the DJ duo After Affair and sourcing other event needs from the local market. Through its partnerships with sporting events and organizations, CUPRA is promoting an active, healthy lifestyle. This aligns with broader sustainability goals, as promoting an active lifestyle contributes to individual health and wellbeing, a key aspect of sustainable living. In sum, these practices demonstrated CUPRA's consideration of its environmental impact and its commitment to sustainability, not just in the production of vehicles but also in its events and overall business operations. The brand's approach to sustainability aligns with the growing expectation for businesses to operate sustainably.